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Zika In Kansas Update

Zika is a fire across all the media outlets in the United States. Until recently, the ‘threat’ of Zika wasn’t as severe because the risk associated with it was only pertinent in a traveling scenario. In order to acquire Zika, one would either have to travel to a Zika risk area or be the sexual partner of someone who already has Zika from traveling to a Zika risk territory. The...

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Have Mosquitoes Been Interrupting Your Outdoor Activities?

An abundance of mosquitoes buzzing in your face is enough to cancel that BBQ party or drive you off the deck and back in the house. Those pesky mosquitoes are much more than a nuisance. Encephalitis and West Nile virus are just a couple of the diseases that can be transmitted from a single mosquito bite. ...

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How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Gutters

The idea of mosquitoes buzzing around your head and getting in the house is a bit unnerving. Large numbers of mosquitoes dampens the fun and idea of outdoor activities. However, the real concern is that, according to the Department of Public Health Prevention & Control, mosquitoes are considered to be one of the most dangerous creatures on earth. While this is a rather bold statement, it st...

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Mosquitoes And Your Wedding Day

The people come one at a time, dressed in their best. Friends you haven't seen in years. Family from across the country. Some you have built a bond with since birth. Some you've met only a few times through the years. They come with their children walking aimlessly and wide-eyed behind them. They come with their smiles and their friendly handshakes--and their smiles broaden as the see the backy...

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When Do Mosquitoes Go Away?

When Do Mosquitoes Go Away? Sadly, you won't see the end of your mosquito problem till the first frost comes. So, unless you're planning on having a bon fire on a chilly fall evening, mosquitoes are going to join you and uninvited at that. What's worse, they don't even bring a dish of food to share....

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Prepare Your Backyard For Mosquito Season

Before we know it, mosquitoes will be making their presence known in Topeka, Kansas City and across the Midwest. Mosquitoes generally come out in the spring when there are sufficient breeding grounds, aka stagnant water. Not only are mosquitoes a serious threat because of the miserable bites they can leave on our skin but they are also of concern due to the fact that their bites are like tiny i...

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What You Need To Know About WNV And Mosquitoes In Kansas

In recent weeks there have been lots of news stories on West Nile Virus and with good reason.  As more people continue to be infected, there is a lot of fear and worry on how people get the illness and how they can protect themselves from West Nile Virus, commonly abbreviated to WNV. The good news is that there are many ways in which people can avoid WNV and the KS pest control pros would ...

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