termites in a kansas yard


Those Mice Are Driving Me Crazy!

If you're frustrated with mice, you might want to stop and give thanks. Why? Because most people don't even realize they've been infested. Mice are a timid and clever creature. When they move through your home they do it with one side rubbing against a wall, ready at a moment notice to sneak under a cabinet or scurry behind a piece of furniture. They have an acute sense of hearing and an aversi...

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Rodent Control: The Signs Of Mice

It’s that time of year when the rodents outside are desperately looking for a warm and cozy place to spend the winter! If you’ve had rodents in your home before, you know how obnoxious these pests can be. Here are some helpful tips from the rodent control professionals at Schendel Pest Services to help you determine whether or not you have mic...

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