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Is There A Midnight Cockroach Buffet In Your Kitchen?

In Las Vegas the nightlife never ends. It isn't surprising that you can find buffets that are open all night long. Sirloin tips at 1:00 in the morning, tacos at 2:00, and seafood newburg aplenty at 3:00. But what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas. If cockroaches are using your kitchen as an all-night buffet, it's time to put a stop to it! ...

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Pest Free BBQ For You!

For most people nothing says summer like enjoying weekend BBQ’s with family and friends- grilling delicious food, sipping cold drinks, relaxing in the sun. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? This is until you realize that you aren’t alone. That’s right, summer pests have found your BBQ, and we aren’t talking about your annoying neighbors, we mean insects and spiders, an...

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Is It Possible To Have Pest Control As A Pet Owner?

Having pets and pests is never a good combination. Sometimes it is your very own pets that are bringing in the pests with them like ticks and fleas. Also certain pests can cause allergic reactions with your pets or even spread disease to your pets. When you notice pests invading your home it is best to call a professional pest exterminator to help you eliminate any current pests and help you ke...

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Heat Or Chemicals? Which Is Better To Kill Bed Bugs?

Do you have bed bugs? They can be a frustrating and disturbing bug to deal with. But, before you make a quick call and put yourself in the hands of just any pest control company, you should know the difference between a chemical treatment and a heat treatment....

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Pest Zoning For Dummies

In a city, zoning is a way of making sure things get built where it is appropriate to have them built. If you want large businesses to clump all their tall buildings in one space so that employees can hop between them and get their business done more efficiently, you need to zone an area for commercial structures. If you want sprawling suburbs on the outskirts of your city, you need to zone tho...

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Termite Control In Kansas

With the approach of spring, it is more important than ever for you to revisit the idea of termite protection. Don't wait till swarmers pour out of your walls, revealing a secret infestation. With billions of dollars in property damage linked to termites each year in the United States, you need to know what you're up against. These wood eating insects can crawl into your walls and secretly eat ...

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What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions

I'm sure you are aware that it is never a good idea to flip a sandbag, rock, or chunk of wood over without being careful. You know that scorpions hide under these things. And, they can be anywhere outside. But they also get into your home--especially bark scorpions. It won't be long until someone coins the phrase "common house scorpion." But do you know why these scorpions come into your house....

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Those Mice Are Driving Me Crazy!

If you're frustrated with mice, you might want to stop and give thanks. Why? Because most people don't even realize they've been infested. Mice are a timid and clever creature. When they move through your home they do it with one side rubbing against a wall, ready at a moment notice to sneak under a cabinet or scurry behind a piece of furniture. They have an acute sense of hearing and an aversi...

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What Does Quality Pest Control Look Like?

There are a lot of pest companies in the United States, and they all have a different way of doing things. How do you know which one will actually get rid of your pests? What does quality pest control look like? I'm going to use Arizona-based Schendel Pest Services as my example, but you can apply these to any pest control company in the United States....

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Scorpion Prevention In Arizona?

Are you concerned about the scorpions you've been finding on your property? You should be. But not for the reason you might think. Deaths from scorpion stings are very rare. But that doesn't mean they don't hurt like crazy and make you sick when they sting you. Fortunately, with medical attention, most scorpion stings can be handled effectively. The real danger with finding scorpions on your pr...

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