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When Is The Time For Pro Termite Protection In The Southwest

The colder winter months are behind us and the joyful weather of spring has arrived. Unfortunately,  this is also time for termites to start swarming. Spring is when winged termite swarmers go out to begin new colonies. Then they enter their most active period when they send out new workers to eat and gather food for their ever-growing new colonies....

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Facts Vs. Myths About Arizona Termites

Termites are one of the most misunderstood insects in the world, and this has resulted in many myths developing around them. While they don't have as many myths as Chuck Norris, some of the myths attached to subterranean termites are almost as absurd....

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Common Pest Control Misconceptions In Arizona

Arizona isn't known for flying insects. Most flying pests don't do well in Arizona because of the dry air and lack of still water. But that doesn't mean we don't have pests. It also doesn't mean we don't have to deal with flying pests. Let's take a look at a few misconceptions you might have if you're new to Arizona....

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Termite Control: What To Expect

You have scheduled your termite control service. Now it’s time to get the destructive pests out of your walls. But, now you have some questions about the service. Do you have to leave your home? Are you getting one treatment or more? What happens to the termites when they die? Relax. We’ve got this. Here is what you can expect when you sign up for termite control....

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Selling Your Home From The Inside Out

Have you seen the movie, Leap Year? In it, the leading lady has a unique job most people have never heard of. It is called staging. The job of the stager is to take an empty house or apartment and fill it with furniture, nicknacks, and expensive decor. Why? So that potential buyers are able to see its potential. You see, the stager understands a fact most home sellers don't: A house is filled w...

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Termites And Real Estate Inspections In Kansas

Does your real estate agent have a friendly smile and a welcoming personality? That's great. Now look past those things and get to what really matters. Do they know how to properly determine whether or not you're stepping into a money pit? Here is what you'll need to know to protect yourself....

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Termites In The West Wing

When we think of the White House, we think of an impenetrable fortress where matters of national security, global diplomacy, and governmental control happen. We think of men and women in suits and business attire on phones and computers fighting for the causes they believe in. What we don't think of is termites....

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Termite Control In Kansas

With the approach of spring, it is more important than ever for you to revisit the idea of termite protection. Don't wait till swarmers pour out of your walls, revealing a secret infestation. With billions of dollars in property damage linked to termites each year in the United States, you need to know what you're up against. These wood eating insects can crawl into your walls and secretly eat ...

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