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5 Common Myths About Ticks

Ticks are becoming more and more common with every passing year and the stories we hear about them are becoming more and more alarming with every passing year. As their populations grow, it’s important to stay informed. Below are five common myths about ticks you may have heard....

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How Did Ticks Get Inside My Home?

Like many other parasitic pests, ticks feed off of the blood of their hosts. However, while other blood-sucking pests will jump or fly to get to a suitable warm-blooded host, ticks are incapable of doing so....

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Tick Season Comes To Topeka

In our Topeka service area, ticks are a serious concern, especially in the summer months when warmth and humidity allow ticks to be more active. Ticks are linked to some diseases that can have lifelong medical implications....

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Another Virus For Kansas Ticks

If we didn't already have enough reason to avoid ticks, now we have something else to worry about. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday the discovery of a new virus that killed an eastern Kansas man in late spring of 2014....

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Prevent The Pests That Love Our Pets

While the summer is coming to a quick end, it does not mean that you or your pets are in the clear when it comes to pests such as fleas and ticks. So even as the heat waves subside, the temperatures are going to remain comfortable for fleas and ticks for quite some time. Before you risk the chances of a home flea infestation or tick bites, make sure you learn these tips to prevent the blood thi...

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