Why Are There Bats In My Attic In Kansas City?

Bats, like many other kinds of invasive wildlife that live in Kansas City, often find their way into homes while looking for warmth and shelter. As winter temperatures hit, cracks and crevices could lead right to your nice, toasty attic. If your attic space isn’t something you check regularly, you could find yourself hosting bats for the winter or even year-round. Removing bats from your home is a complicated and unique issue, which is why you should always call a professional to solve the problem.

Are bats dangerous?

Some bats carry diseases, and there’s a small chance one could bite you, but in reality, they’re often reluctant to come after humans outright. Bats have a bad reputation for being infected with rabies when in fact, most do not have rabies at all. Instead, bats pose a threat to the structural integrity of your attic by causing damage to insulation, wiring, and other attic features.

Bats also create a large amount of guano, or feces, which can attract other pests and cause stains. This feces can also be a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria, leaving your attic open to ruining the air — and the health — of your home.

How do I prevent bats from getting into my attic?

Bats are attracted to the warmth of your attic and the shelter that it provides. Regularly checking that there are no signs of bats is key. Look for droppings as well as damage to your insulation or wiring, anything that could indicate a bat presence. Just seeing one bat could mean that more are around.

Check that your attic is sealed. Look for cracks where bats can crawl in (they can fit into surprisingly tight spaces) and seal them. Ensure that vents have covers, and any windows or ducts are properly sealed as well. Bats also like to roost in barns. If you have a barn on your property, make sure that you keep the door closed as often as possible and practice proper sealing of possible entry points.

How do I get rid of bats in my attic?

Attempting to remove bats yourself is a recipe for disaster. Bats move quickly and roost in large groups. Not only are they hard to catch, but they have the potential to bite when threatened and will re-enter until openings are blocked. Many species of bat are protected under state laws and regulations and require specific strategies for removal and control. It’s against the law to kill them in most cases.

Because of these complications, if you suspect that you have bats in your home, it’s best to call the professionals. Experts can remove bats safely without harm and seal your home against future roosting or activity.

Signs of bat roosting include:

  • Hearing squeaking or scratching in your walls or ceiling
  • Finding droppings in your attic
  • Damage to insulation, ductwork or wiring
  • Seeing one bat in your home (there are likely more)

Experts can create a reliable plan to get rid of bats and ensure that your home is safe and secure. They’ll check all-around your home to identify possible areas of entry and seal them to avoid returns in the future.

Bat removal professionals can also encourage bats to leave naturally and ensure that homeowners are following government regulations for the removal of a protected species. Don’t wait. Bat droppings and urine only attract other bats to your space. Allow the experts to help you find a solution.

How can Schendel Pest Services get rid of bats in my attic?

Homeowners shouldn’t ignore signs that bats are roosting in their attic, but with professional help, bats can be safely removed while ensuring that homes are correctly sealed. Many homeowners recognize the importance of bats and choose to construct bat houses to give them an alternative place to roost. While this may redirect some bats in the area, without sealing entry points, bats can still get into your attic with ease.

Schendel is ready to help you handle all your pest control needs, even one as unique as bats. Our professionals can inspect your home, conduct safe removal, and block openings from bat infestations.

Don’t wait. Take back your home from wildlife and pests with . We are proud to serve the Kansas City community and surrounding areas! Call us or fill out the contact form on this page to learn more about our bat control plans.