Why Disinfecting Your Kansas Business is Important

Due to COVID-19, many Kansans are returning to the office after months of telecommuting, but that doesn’t mean the need to disinfect is over. Keeping your business safe from harmful pathogens is essential: your employees, your customers, and your bottom line depend on it. Disinfectix Site-Disinfecting Service by Schendel Pest Services gives your employees the confidence of knowing they’re safe at work.

Disinfecting the Right Way Matters

The old normal is gone and so are the days of do-it-yourself disinfecting. Today, disinfecting your facility the right way lets your employees know their well-being matters to you. It shows you’re equipped for the changes the pandemic has brought and ready to provide a safe place to work.

Disinfecting the surfaces and objects in your workplace the right way is an important step in reducing the risk of spreading infections. Schendel’s service professionals can give you the confidence of knowing your business is healthy and safe and helps you protect the professional reputation you’ve built.

If you try to disinfect your business by yourself, you run the risk of looking unprepared for the new normal. You also take the chance of harming yourself and your employees. Don’t overlook the benefits of letting trained professionals provide you with the same service they’ve provided to thousands of other business owners.

Disinfectix Helps You Provide A Safe Facility

Disinfectix follows EPA’s List N, an inventory of disinfectant products that have been shown to kill pathogenic organisms that could be present on non-porous surfaces. These organisms include SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Disinfectix’s non-disruptive and efficient process helps you maintain a safe and healthy work environment without disrupting work flow. Many employees, especially those who work with the public, can’t have unwieldy and invasive cleaning processes interrupt their work day.

Of course, employees who face the public also have the greatest need for site disinfection. That’s why Schendel has developed Disinfectix to give work spaces the highest level of protection with little disruption.

Disinfectix’s fine-mist application and high-touch wipe process requires only 10 minutes of contact time and leaves no residue behind.

Choose Schendel for Professional Site Disinfection

Disinfectix is approved for use in a diverse range of businesses, including warehouses, grocery stores and restaurants, and daycares and schools. From major firms to Mom-and-Pop operations, companies across Kansas have trusted Schendel to provide safe, efficient disinfection services.

Even as vaccine rates in Kansas increase and COVID-19 numbers recede, maintaining a healthy work environment will remain a priority for business owners. Schendel takes disinfection seriously and will safeguard your place of business. Contact a Schendel representative and affirm the trust your workforce and your customers have in you.

Why Disinfecting Your Kansas Business is Important in Kansas, Missouri and Arizona

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