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Bed Bug Travel Tips


family getting ready to travel

A fall getaway sounds nice. Maybe you escaped the end summer heat and are now just returning, or maybe you are avoiding the upcoming winter months, and got really good deals on tickets. If you have traveled or are planning to travel soon, keep in mind that bed bugs are as well, and they could be getting a free ride in your luggage. Here are a few important bed bug travel tips to keep your home…

5 Reasons You Have Mice


mouse found in kansas home

You may be terrified at seeing a mouse scurry across the floor or you may think they are the cutest little creatures. No matter how you feel about them, it doesn’t change the fact that they can be dangerous to your health and cause some serious damage to your home.

Why Earwigs Become Problematic In The Fall


earwig crawling on floor

Those nasty annoying “pincher” bugs have returned again this year in record numbers. I hate to see them scurrying around giving me the creeps. They look like they could give someone quite a bite too, but they are not very aggressive and rarely bite. If they do, it’s only because they feel threatened, it will just be a little pinch and shouldn’t cause much of a reaction…

Problems Moles Cause


mole digging hole

Moles are a species of lawn damaging pest that you will almost never make eye contact with, but whose damages have the ability to bring tears to your eyes.

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