Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Fall Pest Prevention Tips 10/13/2017 It’s fall and time for apples, pumpkins, hayrides and crisp cool air! It’s a glorious time, but with every changing season, we have to start thinking about new pest pressures, including those that are seeking refuge inside our homes, like mice, ladybugs, box elder bugs, earwigs, and silverfish. These uninvited… Read more »


Stink Bugs In Winter?

Stink Bugs In Winter? 2/11/2016 They’re crawling on your television during the best part of that movie you’ve been waiting to see. They’re dive bombing you while you’re having dinner with the family. Your cat is eating them–and you can tell by your cat’s distinct behavior that it was not a pleasant experience. Why are… Read more »


Keep Stink Bugs Out This Holiday Season

Keep Stink Bugs Out This Holiday Season 11/25/2015 We have finally come to Holiday Season 2015!  You can almost feel the excitement and energy this season creates.  There seems to be a song on the wind as you walk through downtown, window shopping for your Christmas list ideas.  Your neighbor down the street was the… Read more »


The Songs Of Crickets

The Songs Of Crickets 11/18/2015 Chirp. Eyelids flick open. Chirp. Jaw tightens. Chirp. In the complete darkness of your room the oppressive shine from the numbers on your alarm clock inform you that it is 2:54 in the morning. You know better than to throw the covers off, flick the lights on, and head off… Read more »


Act Now Against Stink Bugs

Act Now Against Stink Bugs 10/22/2015 Next spring, when you are just starting to see the mercury creep back up on the thermometer the last thing you want to see are hundreds of stink bugs swarming your windows as they creep out of their winter hiding spot inside your home. It’s not a pleasant site… Read more »