How To Get Rid Of Moles

Do you have a mole problem? If you do, we don't have to tell you how heartbreaking it is when moles move in. These frustrating little critters are able to turn a beautiful lawn into a mess of dirty grass clumps, holes, dirt mounds, and dead grass paths. It is enough to put any homeowner over the edge. Here are some things you need to know about moles, as well as some insight into what works to get rid of moles. More than this, we'll explain how to keep new moles from taking over where your current mole leaves off.

A popular and effective way to get rid of moles is through baiting and trapping. When placed in the right location, a trap can catch that mole that is destroying your lawn. But trapping is often ineffective when it is implemented by an untrained person. This leads to the continued destruction of property, continued frustration, and a loss of time and money. And, if a trap is not properly employed, it could do harm to a pet or a child that tampers with it.

If you manage to choose the right trap and deploy your trap in a way that catches a mole, it is important to understand that this alone may not get rid of your mole problem. Here are three reasons why.

  • If you have a mole problem, it may have started as a grub problem. Moles are fond of grubs and will be motivated to live in a yard that has plenty of grubs to eat. The first step in stopping a mole problem is to address secondary pest issues, like a grub infestation. If you don't, your yard will continue to be enticing to moles, and your mole troubles could multiply instead of going away.

  • Moles are usually solitary animals, and they mark their territory with a scent. If a mole stumbles onto a tunnel that is actively being used by another mole, it will avoid it. But, tunnels that do not have a scent are actually an incentive for moles to enter your yard. That is why it is important to do more than trap and remove your current mole. You need to address current tunneling in a way that makes them unsuitable for future infestation. Otherwise, you're going to keep having mole troubles. A yard with usable tunnels is far more appealing to a mole than a yard that does not have tunnels. But, be aware that moles are good diggers and crushing surface tunnels will do little to stop a mole that has invaded your yard. It may be necessary to treat tunnels with a scent that makes moles believe that those tunnels are being used by another mole.

  • If you are fortunate enough to capture a mole in a trap, be aware that there may be a family in your yard. There may be more moles where that one came from. And, your problem isn't going to be solved until all those moles are removed. When a professional wildlife control technician gets rid of a mole problem, they apply careful monitoring techniques to be sure that all moles have been removed.

I Had A Beautiful Lawn; How Did I Get Moles?

You can have moles invade your yard even if you've never had a mole before, and even if you have a healthy lawn that is completely free of grubs, but it is important to understand how pest problems are connected to ensure a complete solution. At Schendel Pest Services, we employ highly trained pest service professionals that address pest issues on a systemic level. They don't just look at your lawn as having a mole problem. They understand that there is an entire eco-system outside the walls of your home, and they know how all of the creatures in that ecosystem are connected. That is why the best way to get rid of moles is to have a professional pest controller do a detailed inspection, offer insight into the pest pressure present, and offer a solution that will work to keep your yard free of unwanted pest issues.

Moles are frustrating to deal with. At Schendel Pest Services, we understand the link between the pests we treat, and we use methods and products that treat the "whole" problem. If you want to get rid of that frustrating mole, and keep new moles from moving in, contact us today for help.


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