Interview With Joe Davidson

Interview With Joe Davidson 10/12/2016 Recently, our branch manager Joe Davidson visited the studio of TK Business Live, to talk with Tara Dimick about Topeka pest issues. It was an informative conversation touching on everything from termite control for businesses, to walls crawling with bed bugs. Tara started things off by asking about what we… Read more »


How Mosquitoes Bite

How Mosquitoes Bite 6/30/2015 Of all the pests that invade our space and become a nuisance, cause discomfort, spread disease and even bring the threat of death, the mosquito is undoubtedly the most well known. And yet, as well known as it is, there is so much that is not known. We know that the… Read more »


We're Getting Social!

We’re Getting Social! 1/13/2013 Well, we have been social for a long time in regards to our friendly pest control professionals and support staff. But now we are also on Facebook which makes it even easier to connect with you! With our Facebook page up and running we wanted to invite you to visit and… Read more »


Who's Got The Best Pest Control? We Do!

Who’s Got The Best Pest Control? We Do! 8/27/2012 By Todd FertigAugust 25, 2012SPECIAL TO THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL If someone tells you that Schendel Pest Control has gone to the dogs, that’s probably a good thing. For the past three years, Schendel has been using a specially trained scent-detection dog to help detect bed bugs. The… Read more »


Experts: Excessive Heat Causing 'Breeding Bug Bonanza'

Experts: Excessive Heat Causing ‘Breeding Bug Bonanza’ 7/26/2012 KCTV 5 NewsKansas CitySandra Olivas, Reporter MISSION, KS (KCTV) – For those seeing more bugs in their home, they can blame it on excessive heat. Experts said extreme temperatures are causing a “breeding bug bonanza” across the country. Because insects are cold-blooded, their body temperatures are regulated by… Read more »