Are Termites More Active In Spring?

Are Termites More Active In Spring? 3/23/2016 Ahhh, springtime! Glorious, wonderful springtime! A time to go barefoot for the first time in the cool grass; a time to throw open windows and doors, and to marvel at the blossoms on the trees and freshly blooming flowers; a time to relish in the warmth of the… Read more »


Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere 2/29/2016 When someone asks where bed bugs can expect to be found, the short and most correct answer is everywhere! Truthfully, anywhere there are people, there is the chance of bed bugs being present. These pesky bugs can be found in almost every region of the world. They are certainly active… Read more »


Important Question About Cockroaches

Important Question About Cockroaches 2/19/2016 “I saw a single cockroach last week and now they seem to be all over the place. Should I be concerned?” In our Kansas service area, we get a lot of correspondence about cockroaches, and much of it looks like the question above. These are resourceful and resilient pests that… Read more »