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Maple Hill, Kansas, is the rural residential gem of the Topeka metropolitan area. Offering residents a comfortable community to raise their family. The city of Maple Hill is the epitome of Midwestern charm and down home hospitality. Like every other Kansas town, however, residents struggle with pests like micemosquitoesbed bugs, and more. Many have turned to the trusted pest control services offered by Schendel Pest Services for their residential and commercial pest control needs. With 70 years of experience in local pest pressures and with more than 12,000 satisfied customers here in the Midwest, Schendel Pest Services offers industry-leading, effective, eco-friendly services to proactively protect your property from harmful and damaging pests. To learn more about the pest protection services that we offer to Maple Hill residents or to schedule your pest inspection, contact us today.

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Home Pest Control In Maple Hill, Kansas

When you live in Maple Hill, Kansas, you can be sure that you will have to deal with invading pests and wildlife at some point. It is just a fact of life here. Another important fact of life for those that live in Maple Hill is that Schendel Pest Services offers proactive year-round pest protection services for Maple Hill homes. Our Premium Care Program is designed to protect your home from pests all year long. By utilizing our 7 point Pest Guard protocol and implementing Integrated Pest Management strategies, we can keep pests from invading your home and help keep them from potentially damaging its structure or transmitting harmful pathogens to you and your family, and it is all backed by Schendel’s PestZero Guarantee! To learn more about our effective, eco-friendly services for your Maple Hill home, contact us today

Residential pest control solutions offered to Maple Hill homes by Schendel Pest Services include:

Commercial Pest Control In Maple Hill, Kansas

Maple Hill, Kansas, is small. In fact, we only take up a quarter of a mile in area. It doesn’t take long for word to spread that a local business or a nearby facility has trouble with pests; and nothing can damage your hard earned reputation quicker than a cockroachrodent, or other pests in your commercial property. But, pests do not have to cause issues for your Maple Hill business when you implement a year-round pest protection plan from Schendel Pest Services. We offer complete, customizable commercial pest prevention plans for commercial properties here in Maple Hill, throughout Kansas and parts of the Midwest. We utilize Integrated Pest Management strategies that help to prevent pests through biological control, habitat modification services, exclusion techniques, sanitation improvements, and staff education plans. By implementing these protocols, we can greatly limit the amount of materials needed to control pests and meet or exceed all of the industry-specific guidelines for your particular trade. To learn more about our effective pest control solutions for your Maple Hill business, contact our commercial pest control specialists today.

Bed Bug Control For Maple Hill, KS

Bed bugs have become much more prevalent across the United States in recent years, and their effects can be felt right here in Maple Hill. These elusive pests can easily travel undetected from place to place making them difficult to avoid. If you have the unfortunate experience of bed bugs invading your Maple Hill home or business, make sure your first reaction is to call the bed bug control experts here at Schendel Pest Services. Our bed bug experts know that these pests do not just infest beds and that they will hide in some pretty hard to reach areas like behind electrical outlets, inside stereo equipment, inside televisions, and in any other tiny nook or cranny that they can find. This is what makes our K-9 bed bug inspection teams so valuable. Our dogs are specifically trained to discover bed bugs in all stages of development, no matter where they are hiding. We are equipped to do a targeted treatment of infested areas, or we may decide that heat treatment is required. Heat treatments are the least invasive, most eco-friendly, and most effective way to eliminate all stages of bed bugs; and it typically only takes a day! To learn more about the effective bed bug control solutions for your Maple Hill home or business, contact us today.

Have A Pest Problem In Maple Hill? Choose Schendel

With more than 70 years of experience in local pest pressures and with over 12,000 satisfied customers throughout the Midwest, Schendel Pest Services has earned a reputation for affordable, reliable, effective pest protection services. Our highly trained, certified specialists have access to the latest tools and technologies to ensure that your pest pressures will be handled quickly and efficiently; and we utilize integrated pest management strategies to control pest through the use of biological, habitat modification, and exclusion techniques to limit the amount of material necessary to control invading pests. To learn more about our effective pest control services for your Maple Hill home or business, contact us today.

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