70+ Years Of Pest Control Experience 

Schendel Pest Services of Olathe, KS was founded almost seventy years ago and has since continuously served Kansas residents with the most current and effective pest extermination solutions.  Each branch of Schendel Pest Services is locally operated and in 2012, Schendel was ranked 42nd on PCT Magazine’s top 100 pest control companies.  We will meet and exceed all regulatory requirements that your business needs to comply with and at Schendel Pest Services, we offer our Integrated Pest Management as an economical and environmentally safe approach to pest management.  Our services are very effective and have the least possible effect on people, property and the environment.  If you are a home or business owner in Olathe, you can be sure that Schendel will eliminate all of your bed bug or termite problems, as well as any other insect or rodent infestations.  

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Home Pest Control In Olathe, KS

At Schendel, we offer homeowners the ability to select the level of premium protection that best meets the needs of their home.  We offer the Premium Care Program, along with the Premium Care Termite Protection program and both are guaranteed to keep your home pest free for a whole year.  These home pest control programs are overseen by our on-staff Entomologist and offer Olathe homes seven zones of protection against a variety of pests, including ants, fleas, spiders, springtails and mice.  Our certified professional pest control technicians perform a thorough interior and exterior treatment of your property and will revisit your home for quarterly treatments. If any further treatments are required, they will be done at no additional charge.  At Schendel, we have a PestZero Guarantee that ensures that if your insect or rodent troubles recur, we’ll return to treat the infestation, free of charge.

Olathe, Kansas Bed Bug Control 

Many people assume that bed bug infestations are caused by poor housekeeping or unsanitary practices.  This is not true, as you can keep your home or business sparkling clean and you can still have a bed bug problem.  Bed bugs are a concern all over the country, and they are a problem in Olathe too.  They are impressive travelers, attaching themselves to luggage, shoes and other mobile objects which carry them from coast to coast. They are nighttime feeders, stowing away in mattresses to be near their meal source- human blood, and the blood of other warm blooded animals.  If you find small blood spots on your bed sheets, dead bed bugs on the floor around your bed, or even watch as they scatter when a light is switched on during nighttime hours, you have a bed bug problem. They are elusive insects, and can be found not just in mattresses, but anywhere in a room- under floor boards, behind electrical switch plates, in picture frames and in the crevices of any kind of furniture.  Schendel is a leader in our use of bed bug heat treatments  and we have found that they are highly effective on stubborn bed bug infestations.  Our heat treatments have very minimal impact on the environment and on your home or business, and often the process can take less than one day.  Our bed bug removal strategy combines heat treatment with the targeted application of approved insecticides, including sprays and dusts to eliminate the bed bug problem.  Once the treatment is done, your room may be warm, but will be free of bed-bugs and safe for everyone else. 

Commercial Pest Control In Olathe, KS

Olathe commercial customers can count on Schendel to tailor the best pest control protection in Kansas for their company’s specific needs.  Our on-staff Entomologist assists our technicians in creating a specific commercial pest control treatment for the needs of our many different commercial facilities, including:

  • Apartments, Condominiums and Dormitories

  • Food manufacturing facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Hotels

  • Managed Commercial Property Facilities

  • Restaurants

  • Retail stores

  • Schools and other Educational Facilities

  • Warehouse and food Distribution Centers

We offer a variety of services for our commercial clients, including termite control, bed bug control, insect and rodent extermination and pest bird control.  We offer Total Quality Assurance to our commercial clients and will meet or exceed all industrial regulatory requirements. Click here to learn more about our commercial pest control services. 

Olathe, KS Termite Control & Prevention 

Our S.T.E.P. program, also known as the Schendel Termite Elimination and Protection program is a comprehensive approach to total termite control.  This program includes the most advanced termite baiting methods combined with targeted applications to remove your termite infestation.  Our professional pest control technicians will thoroughly inspect your home to identify if there is a termite problem and will review their findings with you to decide what treatment plan will be required.  The next step is to stop the destruction caused by the wood-destroying insects, as they cause up to five billion dollars in property damage every year in the U.S.  Schendel’s termite technicians have an average six years of field experience, so you can rest assured they have the experience to get the job done right the first time.  Next, Schendel’s technicians will get rid of the termites that remain on the property using specially formulated baits that will attract and destroy the termites and their colonies.  Our baits are safe for use around children and pets and are environmentally friendly.  We will continue to check your property on a quarterly basis after the initial treatment to make sure that termite activity has ceased for good. 


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