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Prairie Village may be located in the Kansas City metropolitan area, but just as its name suggests, its residents feel that it is much more of a “village” than a city. Prairie Village provides its residents with a quiet low-key lifestyle that includes a variety of neighborhoods and housing options, plenty of recreational opportunities, excellent schools, and thriving businesses. To help maintain your home or business located in Prairie Village, the pest control professional found at Schendel Pest Services offer a wide array of pest control services including home pest control, commercial pest control, termite control, and bed bug control! Schendel was started in 1947 and from the very beginning our commitment has been to provide quality pest control services and superior customer care! Trust the dedicated professionals at Schendel Pest Services to provide pest control for your Prairie Village home or business that are industry leading, safe, and affordable!

Quality Pest Control Services For Prairie Village, KS Homes

For almost 70 years Schendel has been providing home pest control services throughout Kansas including Prairie Village. From the very dangerous scorpion to the highly annoying ant our professionals can eliminate any household pest that has decided to take up residence inside of your home!

Our Premium Care program guarantees that your home will be pest-free for one year; what could be better, no pests to contend with for a guaranteed full calendar year! Our initial visit includes an interior and exterior service, we then follow-up by providing exterior quarterly visits to ensure the consistent and complete control of insects and other pests. Through this program our professionals remove all accessible stinging insect nests and cobwebs and our PestZero Guarantee means that if in between visits pests return, we will also return to treat them at no charge to you! 

Additional home pest control services that we provide our customers include the Premium Care Plus program which combines residential pest control services and our termite control services together, our Home Seal and Scorpion Guard service, and the installation of Leaf Defender on your home’s gutters.

Commercial Pest Control In Prairie Village, KS

At Schendel we are committed to helping you protect your Prairie Village business from common Kansas pests (fliescockroachesspidersrodents, ants, bed bugs, and termites) that like to invade commercial properties and cause significant damages, spread serious diseases, and cause your business’s reputation to be threatened.

Schendel Pest Services offers industry-leading solutions and services that are provided by our trained technicians who use the latest products and techniques. All of our industry specific commercial pest control programs have been developed and are overseen by our staff entomologists. Also, our Total Quality Assured program helps us to provide customized pest control treatments that meet all regulatory requirements and that are safe and effective against any pest.

Contact us today to learn about our general commercial pest control services, or about our other quality commercial pest control services including pest bird control, bed bug services, termite control, fumigation, mole solutions, vegetation control, organic pest management, and LEED certification.

Prairie Village, KS Termite Control 

Termites are a tough pest, but at Schendel Pest Services we have developed a very effective 1-2 knock-out punch that will completely eliminate structurally damaging termites from your Prairie Village property! Our termite control servicescombine targeted applications and an exclusive damage warranty to give you the peace of mind that your property has become a termite free zone!

Our 5 step Schendel Termite Elimination And Protection Service (S.T.E.P.)

  • S.T.E.P. 1 - Termite inspection.

  • S.T.E.P. 2 - Effective termite treatments.

  • S.T.E.P. 3 - The installation of Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

  • S.T.E.P. 4 - Annual monitoring of all bait stations that located on your property.

Prairie Village, KS Bed Bug Control 

The first step in quickly eliminating bed bugs from your Prairie Village property is to contact the bed bug controlprofessionals found at Schendel Pest Services. We have the most advanced technology available to quickly get rid of any size infestation. Along with this technology, we have another important tool in the fight against bed bugs, the noses of our bed bug detecting dogs! That’s right, the highly trained noses of our K-9 inspectors are capable of very quickly and accurately identifying where any and all bed bugs are hiding in your home or business!

If bed bugs are discovered Schendel’s bed bug experts recommend treating for bed bugs using a combination of heat and targeted insecticide applications. Our bed bug exterminators apply residual insecticides to the cracks, crevices and the perimeter of infested rooms, and we then treat your property with heat, using specialized computer monitored heaters, that work to kill all adults, nymphs, and eggs that are found living in your home. The simple fact is that bed bugs cannot survive heat, this fact works to our advantage and helps to ensure complete bed bug elimination in your home or business!

Contact us today, at Schendel Pest Services, to find out which of our pest control programs meet the needs of your Prairie Village home or business!


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