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Schendel Pest Services takes a proactive approach to restaurant pest control. We understand how damaging just one sighting of ants, roaches, mice or flies can be to your restaurant's professional reputation and ultimately your bottom line, which is why Schendel's trained staff utilizes a Log Book and Sanitation Log to help restaurants stay within Health Department guidelines. This communication tool assists your staff by providing relevant and timely information critical to health department regulatory compliance.

Schendels' highly-trained staff will provide restaurants with the technical services to maintain preventative control of pests using up-to-date procedures and materials in compliance with current federal, state and local regulations. Schendel will also act as a resource for restaurant staff regarding questions about pest management and related sanitation and maintenance issues.

Schendel provides service to all types of restaurants, ranging from fast food to quick service to more traditional full service facilities.

If you would like more information about our Total Quality Assured pest control program for restaurants and other food service facilities throughout the Midwest, please contact our pros today!

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