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As part of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, the City of Shawnee is a desired location for families that are looking for comfortable neighborhoods, good old fashioned southern hospitality, and family-friendly amenities. Whether you are browsing the shops at the mall, experiencing a taste of life as it used to be at Shawnee Town 1929, or enjoying the recreational opportunities at Shawnee Mission Park, Shawnee has a little bit of something for everyone. It is no wonder why Shawnee’s motto is, “Good Starts Here”. Whether you live, work, or play here, there is a lot of good to be found. One of the ‘good’ things here in Shawnee is that the experienced team of pest control specialists at Schendel Pest Services offers industry-leading services to combat unwanted pests in our homes and businesses. The pest experts here at Schendel Pest Service have 70 years of hands-on experience in local pest pressures to turn to. Our specialists combine that experience with the most advanced tools and innovative technologies to ensure that your property becomes and remains pest-free. To learn more about our effective year-round residential or commercial pest protection services, simply contact us today.

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Home Pest Control In Shawnee, Kansas

Maintaining your Shawnee home takes a lot of work. Clean, repair, replace, rake: the list is endless, but there is one thing that you cannot forget to check off your to-do list if you live here in Shawnee. Year-round pest protection!

This is one of the most important steps that you must take in order to protect your home from the damages that pests inflict and to protect your family from the illnesses that they spread. Many of your friends and neighbors have chosen to protect their homes with Schendel Pest Services and our year-round residential pest protection services.

Our Premium Care home pest protection service protects your home from pests that commonly try to invade. We begin with an intensive interior and exterior inspection and treatment of problem areas while offering you corrective measures that can be taken to eliminate conditions that are drawing pests to your property. We follow this up with quarterly visits to ensure that your home remains pest free all year long. We guarantee it!

If termites are a problem in or near your home, we recommend our Premium Care Plus home protection program. This service offers all of the same protections and guarantees afforded in the Premium Care program but adds termite monitoring and control services. Our termite services are guaranteed to eliminate existing colonies and protect your home from future foraging termites. In fact, we guarantee that your home and its contents will remain undamaged from termites for as long as you maintain your Termite Protection with us, or we will pay for the new termite damages. To learn more about Premium Care, Premium Care Plus, or any of our other pest protection services for your Shawnee home, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Shawnee, Kansas

In this competitive economy, you have to go the extra mile to protect your product line and your reputation from injury or harm. One thing that can easily be overlooked that can cause irreparable damage to your business is pests. Micetermitescockroaches, grain beetles, birds, and many more can access your commercial facility and cause extensive damage. It takes a year-round commercial pest protection plan to protect you from infestation and to keep your reputation intact. Many here in Shawnee and throughout Kansas have chosen the industry-leading pest control solutions from Schendel Pest Services to keep their business safe. We utilize integrated pest management strategies to minimize the amount of product needed in your commercial setting, and we are sure to meet all the pest control regulations set for your specific industry. We offer businesses pest control services, bed bug services, termite control, bird controlmole solutions, vegetation control, fumigation, industry solutions, LEED certification, and organic pest management. Keeping your Shawnee commercial facility pest-free is as simple as making a phone call to Schendel Pest Services.

Shawnee, KS Termite Extermination & Prevention

If you own property here in Shawnee, then a reliable termite monitoring and control service is essential to prevent damage to your home. This is because termites can access your home without you even knowing it. They enter through mud tunnels that they create on the side of your foundation; and once inside, they eat away at the wooden support structures within your walls nonstop all year long. Most homeowners realize that termites have invaded only after noticeable damages have occurred costing them thousands, but a monitoring and control service from Schendel Pest Services can prevent this from happening on your property.  The first step to take to prevent termite damage in your Shawnee property is to contact Schendel for your termite inspection today.

A Few Reasons To Choose Schendel 

Many have chosen Schendel Pest Services for the safe, effective, affordable pest control solutions that we offer. Most stay with us because of the superior customer service interactions that they experience and the pest-free outcome that is achieved. Our mission is “to be the most respected PCO in our markets…respected by our customers, co-workers, and competitors,” a mission that is accomplished through strict adherence to the values of honesty and integrity - the same values that have helped us to thrive for more than 70 years.

We are committed to our customers, our employees, and our community, and you can be assured that all of our products are safe for use around you, your families, and our environment. If you are ready to safely eliminate pests from your Shawnee home or business, give us a call to set up your initial inspection and experience the Schendel difference.


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