Interesting Bed Bug Facts

Interesting Bed Bug Facts 10/27/2017 Lately, we have talked a lot about how bed bugs can spread from place to place and we have given you tips on how to avoid them. We have explained how you can pick up a bed bug from most anywhere and transport it home with you. However, there is… Read more »


Why Bed Bugs Are Still Around

Why Bed Bugs Are Still Around 9/21/2015 Fifty years ago bed bugs were virtually non-existent, but in recent years they have made a huge comeback and are not backing down. The question that most people have is- why? Why are there so many and in so many places, and why are we having to worry… Read more »


Bed Bug Facts: True Or False?

Bed Bug Facts: True Or False? 11/28/2014 Let’s play a game. I’ll state a fact about bed bugs, and you decide if it is true or false. You can find the answers at the end of the blog and earn ten points for each right answer. Let’s see if you can get a 100. No… Read more »


Bed Bug Basics

Bed Bug Basics 11/13/2013 Bed bugs are back from decades of dormancy and they have not returned quietly! Googling “Bed bugs” will bring back more than 31 million results, listing medical sites, university extension articles, pest control company websites and even a site from the center for disease control. While these pests seem to be… Read more »


How To Tell If Your Home Has Bed Bugs

How To Tell If Your Home Has Bed Bugs 10/10/2013 Think you might have bed bugs? It’s true that these pests can be difficult to locate, but if you know what to look for and where to look, it can be a lot easier to recognize a bed bug infestation. The Kansas City pest control… Read more »