Act Now Against Stink Bugs

Act Now Against Stink Bugs 10/22/2015 Next spring, when you are just starting to see the mercury creep back up on the thermometer the last thing you want to see are hundreds of stink bugs swarming your windows as they creep out of their winter hiding spot inside your home. It’s not a pleasant site… Read more »


Fall Pest Outlook: What To Expect

Fall Pest Outlook: What To Expect 9/30/2014 Every year it is the same old thing, bugs and rodents start moving inside. But what is changing, is the way society is learning to adapt to these intruders. Pest control doesn’t mean what it used to mean. We are no longer reacting to bug infestations. Homeowners are… Read more »


Fall Spider Proofing For Topeka Homes

Fall Spider Proofing For Topeka Homes 10/11/2012 While most people in Topeka are still enjoying mild temperatures, the cooler days of fall and winter aren’t far off and as the temperatures begin to drop it is likely that you will notice an increase of spider activity inside your home. Among the thousands of species of… Read more »


Keep Mice Out With Fall Pest Proofing

Fall Pest-Proofing Will Keep Mice And Other Rodents From Enjoying Your Home This Winter 10/7/2011 Each year with the arrival of fall, homeowners throughout Topeka, Junction City and all of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas begin the annual chore of winterizing their homes. With so much to be done: cleaning your gutters, furnace and chimney… Read more »