Uncovering Pests In Real Estate Inspections

Uncovering Pests In Real Estate Inspections 11/23/2016 Buying or selling a home is an exciting time. For sellers, it’s a moving on. For buyers, it’s an exciting milestone. For both, however, pests can put a kink in the plans. Every home sale and purchase requires a real estate inspection, but it’s not looking for pests.… Read more »


Holiday Baking: Don't Be Caught By Surprise

Holiday Baking: Don’t Be Caught By Surprise 11/15/2016 As the holidays rapidly approach, many of us get the bug to bake (pun intended)! Thanksgiving pies and biscuits, Christmas cookies and pastries, for many of us this is the best part of the holiday season. Many of us don’t bake very often throughout the rest of… Read more »


Earwigs Are Beneficial

Earwigs Are Beneficial 9/26/2016 When the topic of earwigs comes up, which is hardly ever unless you’re an entomologist, the word “beneficial” is not often used. Earwigs are most notably associated with the myth that they crawl into the ears of humans and feed on their brains. But the truth is, earwigs do have a… Read more »


Crickets. What A Joy.

Crickets. What A Joy. 5/26/2016 Remember summertime as a kid? Playing hide-and-go-seek in the dark or capturing fireflies to keep in a jar all night? How about lying in the cool grass, gazing up at billions of stars. Do you remember, as the darkness deepened, hearing the chirp of that first cricket of the night?… Read more »