The Songs Of Crickets

The Songs Of Crickets 11/18/2015 Chirp. Eyelids flick open. Chirp. Jaw tightens. Chirp. In the complete darkness of your room the oppressive shine from the numbers on your alarm clock inform you that it is 2:54 in the morning. You know better than to throw the covers off, flick the lights on, and head off… Read more »


Are Moles Voles?

Are Moles Voles? 4/26/2015 These are two pests that are often confused with one another, and sometimes mistaken for the same animal. But besides having a similar name and a penchant for digging tunnels under your lawn, these two creatures couldn’t be more different. Let’s take a closer look and see what makes them different.… Read more »


Are You Living In A Block Of Cheese?

Are You Living In A Block Of Cheese? 3/16/2015 All homes have cracks and holes, but the older the home, the more they will have. Moisture causes rotting, and pests exploit those rotted places. Ants burrow, termites eat, rodent gnaw, and creepy crawlies push their way into the hollow spaces of your walls–like you’re living… Read more »


What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions

What You May Not Know About Arizona Scorpions 2/21/2015 I’m sure you are aware that it is never a good idea to flip a sandbag, rock, or chunk of wood over without being careful. You know that scorpions hide under these things. And, they can be anywhere outside. But they also get into your home–especially… Read more »