Is There A Midnight Cockroach Buffet In Your Kitchen?

Is There A Midnight Cockroach Buffet In Your Kitchen? 7/24/2015   In Las Vegas the nightlife never ends. It isn’t surprising that you can find buffets that are open all night long. Sirloin tips at 1:00 in the morning, tacos at 2:00, and seafood Newburg aplenty at 3:00. But what happens in Vegas should stay… Read more »


Pest Free BBQ For You!

Pest Free BBQ For You! 7/3/2015 For most people nothing says summer like enjoying weekend BBQ’s with family and friends- grilling delicious food, sipping cold drinks, relaxing in the sun. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? This is until you realize that you aren’t alone. That’s right, summer pests have found your BBQ, and we aren’t… Read more »


Pest Zoning For Dummies

Pest Zoning For Dummies 3/23/2015 In a city, zoning is a way of making sure things get built where it is appropriate to have them built. If you want large businesses to clump all their tall buildings in one space so that employees can hop between them and get their business done more efficiently, you… Read more »