Termite Control In Kansas

Termite Control In Kansas 2/27/2015 With the approach of spring, it is more important than ever for you to revisit the idea of termite protection. Don’t wait till swarmers pour out of your walls, revealing a secret infestation. With billions of dollars in property damage linked to termites each year in the United States, you… Read more »


Termites Work Behind The Scenes

Termites Work Behind The Scenes 4/6/2012 Termites are one of the most destructive pests when it comes to the structures and products made from wood in our homes. These wood destroying insects cause billions of dollars in structural damages each year around the country and the worst part is they could be hiding right behind… Read more »


Early Termite Swarm Expected

Early Termite Swarm Expected 3/8/2011 It’s still chilly outside, but it looks like we may experience an early termite swarm this spring.  The Northeast has already experienced termite swarms, much earlier than normal, and I would expect the Midwest to see swarms within the next two to four weeks. The ground is saturated from the… Read more »