Tick Insurance

Tick Insurance 4/6/2016 In the English language, the words ensure, assure, and insure, are often used interchangeably. And, while they definitely have differences, they all mean pretty much the same thing. These are words that are meant to let the hearer know that something in the future is sure to happen. But, if you use… Read more »


Had enough of Ticks in Kansas?

Had Enough Of Ticks In Kansas? 8/10/2015 It is that time again; time to talk about ticks and while you may not think tick talk is exciting or important, at Schendel we think otherwise. We believe that knowing about and understanding ticks is vital to the health and safety of your family. Not only are… Read more »


Protect Your Family And Pets From Ticks

Protect Your Family And Pets From Ticks 7/20/2010 Summer is the prime season for tick infestations.  With both humans and pets spending more time outdoors, there is an increased chance of being bitten and bringing the ticks indoors. According to Greg Baumann, senior scientist for the National Pest Management Association, “Ticks are more than just… Read more »