What Termite Infestations Inside Arizona Homes Look Like 

The number-one urban pest in Arizona is the termite. Of the three types of termites we have, two can be a significant threat to your home. They are the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. The most destructive of the two is the subterranean termite. It is also the one more likely to leave little or no visible damage for you to see. Let's take a closer look.

Drywood Termites

While drywood termites can do just as much damage as subterranean termites, they usually don't get a chance to. This is because drywood termites push their hard feces out of their tunnels. These tiny droppings look a little bit like pepper and can be found on window sills, where the light from the sun can make them quite visible. If these termites are damaging your home, you may see wood begin to splinter or dents start to form.

Subterranean Termites

It is the sneaky nature of this type of termite that makes it so destructive. Subterranean termites, as their name implies, live underground. When they attack your home, they're going to do it from the ground up. And, unlike drywood termites, they aren't going to push their dropping out onto your window sills for you to see. Their waste stays in their tunnels with them.

The damage caused by subterranean termites will occur inside the wood of your home and won't be seen. On rare occasions, in a dark, damp location, exterior damage may be seen. If you have a cellar that stays dark and gets moist, you might see this damage done to the support timbers. Look for trenches stacked on top of each other. These trenches will be gritty to the touch.

Usually, the damage caused by subterranean termites is discovered during a renovation or when termite swarmers appear within a home by the dozens or hundreds. But, when damage is discovered in this way, it is too late.

While the damage subterranean termites do is hard to see, there is another way you can detect them when they get into your home. These termites create shelter tubes made of soil and moisture. Look for tubes on hard surfaces. They will go from the soil to the wood of your home. You may find them going up over a set of steps to get to your wood. You may find them going up a cement pier to get to the wood of your home.

Seeing shelter tubes isn't a reliable way to detect subterranean termites. If the wood of your home touches the soil, no tubes need to be made. If they are created inside wall voids, you won't see them. And those termites create these tubes in dark locations that are often hard to get into or see into.

How do you deal with sneaky termites?

The best solution is a termite-baiting system. When termites come onto your property—and they will—they will find the bait and share that bait with the other worker termites in their colony. When they do, those workers die off. Without workers, the colony cannot survive. Bye bye colony.

Which termite bait works best?

The termite control experts here at Schendel Pest services trust the Trelona® Advanced Termite Baiting System. Trelona® ATBS uses Puri-Cel® matrix, which is considered to be the filet mignon of termite baits. Those workers love it!

Can I apply termite baits myself?

All baits are not created equal. If the bait you use is not interesting enough to termites to pull their attention away from other food sources in your yard, the baits will be ineffective. If the active ingredient in the bait works too quickly, the colony will defend itself and avoid elimination. It is important to use a bait those termites love and an active ingredient that is slow-acting. If you make the wrong decisions, your home could get eaten for years without you knowing it.

There is a science to detecting and eliminating termite threats. It includes detailed inspections performed by an experienced and educated professional who knows what signs to look for and what conditions are conducive to termite activity. During visits, your termite control professional will check your bait system and make critical pest control decisions based on what is found.

If you live in Arizona, reach out to Schendel Pest Services for industry-leading termite control. It is easy to get started. Just request a pest control inspection for your home, and we'll help you find the program that will work best for your needs and budget.


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