When Do Carpenter Ants Become a Problem for Arizona Homeowners? 

The temperate climate of Phoenix makes it an ideal place to live. Carpenter ants think so too. Not only do those destructive ants like to live here, they can be active in Phoenix all year long. So, whatever time of year you're reading this, now is when carpenter ants can become a problem. What kind of problems do they cause? Here's what you need to know.

6 Ways Carpenter Ants Can Be a Problem

Unsightly Damage

When carpenter ants do damage, it is sometimes visible. You may see the corner of a door frame with a hole chewed through it. You may find a section of your fence carved up. You might notice a board on your beautiful deck with a hollowed out split in the middle. Carpenter ant damage can be unsightly, but consider yourself lucky if you see damage. Often, these ants do damage in dark locations where you can't see that you have a problem. This can allow them to damage your property for years. Why do they do this? Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal and do not prefer to be in sunny areas.

They Make a Bad Problem Worse

One of the worst problems your home can have is water damage. The culprit that is usually responsible for water damage is a broken or obstructed gutter system. When rainwater pools in an obstructed gutter it can dampen the roofline and rot the wood where your shingles meet your gutters. When your gutter is broken, it can allow rainwater to run down the side of your home and moisten the sill. This can lead to mold, fungus and algae issues, which present a threat to your home investment and a potential threat to the health of everyone living in your home. Carpenter ants make this problem worse by chewing on dampened or rotting wood and give water more opportunity to get in.

Bug and Rodent Infestation

The holes created by carpenter ants will do more than let more water into your home, they'll give other pests a way into your home. If you're seeing lots of centipedes in your house, it may be due to carpenter ant activity. If you're noticing signs of a mouse in your walls, that mouse might have taken a hole created by carpenter ants and made it larger. It only takes a hole the size of a dime for most mice to squeeze into your home.

Interior Wood Damage

When carpenter ants target wood, they create galleries inside that wood. This can compromise the structure and lead to cascading damage. Imagine a load-bearing beam slowly being hollowed out, one tunnel at a time. Eventually, that beam is going to lose its integrity. This can cause floors to sink down, doors to stick (or open freely) and walls to bulge out.

Physical Harm

When structures give way, it can lead to physical harm. While this is definitely rare, it can happen. Several people running up a set of compromised stairs can cause it to give way quickly. A group of people enjoying an outdoor gathering could cause a deck that has been damaged by carpenter ants to collapse.

Food Infestation

Most of the time carpenter ants feed on food sources outside of a home they are living in but, when food resources are available on the inside, they sometimes take advantage of it. This can bring them into your pantry and kitchen food-storage areas and lead to contamination of your foods.

Carpenter Ant Control

If you're noticing carpenter ants near your home, or worse, roaming around inside your home, let the pest professionals here at Schendel Pest Services help you get rid of those ants. Carpenter ants can be very sneaky. When DIY methods fail to eliminate your infestation, you may not know it and you could open yourself up to extensive damage.

Our service team members know how to track these ants down and they know what strategies and products work to effectively eliminate them. There's no guesswork. Just results.

Don't let carpenter ants eat you out of house and home. Reach out to us today and schedule a free inspection and we will come have a look. It doesn't get any easier than that.


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