When to Call the Professionals for Fly Infestations

Some fly problems don't require all that much effort to solve. When a single fly enters into your home through the front door, it is likely to start buzzing around your house and irritating you enough so you get up, grab a fly swatter, and SWAT! No more fly problem. But some fly infestations require a little more effort to eliminate. If new flies start to replace the flies you're swatting or you are dealing with more flies than you can swat, it may be time to call a professional.

Why You Should Call a Professional

There are many flies that can get into your home. Some will just be just a minor irritation while others can make you and your family members become very sick.

Small flies like fruit flies, fungus gnats, and others, are considered to be nuisance pests. While they have the ability to spread harmful bacteria, it is quite a rare occurrence. However, it is still best to eliminate them quickly by hiring a trusted pest professional with the appropriate training and materials to get the job done right.

Face flies, on the other hand, are a much greater threat for the spread of disease. These flies are a close cousin to house flies and have quite unsavory habits that bring them into close contact with harmful bacteria and pathogens. If they have access to cattle or other outdoor animals, they will feed on their nasal, ocular, and wound secretions as well as their manure, so bear in mind that when you see one walking on the rim of your coffee cup or perched on the top of your hamburger bun, that fly could have been crawling around inside a cow’s nose or a pile of manure just a few minutes before. It's disgusting, but it's true and an important thing to think about when dealing with these filthy pests.

Some other flies that fall into this group include house flies, blow flies, flesh flies, bottle flies, soldier flies, and filth flies. All of these are flies that are drawn to rotting organic material and decaying flesh. This increases their likelihood of coming into contact with harmful bacteria. In fact, this group of flies is strongly linked to the transmission of over 65 human diseases. Filth flies, in particular, have a lot in common with face flies And, like face flies, they have the nasty habit of landing on our foods and crawling around on our food-prep surfaces!

When You Should Call a Professional

If you get an occasional fly in your home, you may be able to swat it and then apply the following tips to prevent future encounters with flies inside your home:

  • Examine your door and window screens and repair or replace any that are damaged.

  • Use caulking around door and window frames where seals have eroded.

  • Fix weather stripping around your exterior doors where gaps have formed.

  • Seal cracks in your foundation or exterior walls.

  • Make sure all your exterior trash is stored in clean, sealed receptacles.

  • Consider replacing outside white lights with insect-resistant yellow bulbs.

  • If you have animals in your yard, it is vital that you properly remove their waste to reduce the fly populations on your property.

If you're able to locate the fly breeding site in your home such as a rotting item in the bottom of your kitchen trash and remove it, you could manage to solve your fly problem on your own.

But when those breeding sites cannot be found or you don't have a quick fix to deal with those flies, it is time to call a professional. At Schendel, our pest control professionals use modern Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, green pest control options, and EPA-approved products to solve fly problems quickly and effectively.

However, an even better time to call a professional is "before" the fly infestation even begins. A home pest control program like Premium Care and Premium Care +Plus from Schendel Pest Services works to stop pest infestations at the point where they typically begin: your foundation perimeter. With these programs, you get quarterly visits and year-round pest protection through the application of appropriate and targeted pest control products. These products work to eliminate flies when they come to explore the outside of your home for a way in.

When you choose our Premium Care pest control service for your home, you also get protection from others pests that can spread illnesses, damage your belongings, and destroy the building materials of your home. And with Premium Care +Plus, you’ll also receive termite monitoring and an annual termite inspection to ensure that subterranean termites don't eat you out of house and home.

If you're dealing with flies in your home, or any other pest for that matter, find out if you're located in our extensive service area by giving us a call today! We’d be happy to help solve your pest problems once and for all!


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