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What could ruin a vacation faster than bringing home a living souvenir that you didn't remember packing?

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Stink bugs are commonly found in homes during the colder months. These invasive insects will enter your home in search of food and shelter during cold weather. They are a greyish brown color, ¾ inches long with six legs. Their body is the shape of a shield or triangular shape. The stink bug received its name from the odor they release when disturbed or crushed. They feed on fruit and fruit leaves. These insects are not dangerous to humans but they are a major nuisance to have in your home.

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Most of us spend some time before the cold weather begins in the fall making our homes warm and inviting for the season ahead. Cozy rooms with a crackling fire and hot cocoa sounds pretty inviting as the fall leaves fall around us. Unfortunately, people are not the only creatures who enjoy getting in out of the cold. Your warm inviting home can quickly become a hotel for some boarders who you didn't want. Spiders of all sizes and shapes also will try to take cover during the colder months. If they can't find an appropriate spot outside, your house will do just fine.

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Every year it is the same old thing, bugs and rodents start moving inside. But what is changing, is the way society is learning to adapt to these intruders. Pest control doesn't mean what it used to mean. We are no longer reacting to bug infestations. Homeowners are learning how to be bug proof through the use of Integrated Pest Management.

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