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When Do Mosquitoes Go Away? Sadly, you won't see the end of your Mosquito problem till the first frost comes. So, unless you're planning on having a bon fire on a chilly fall evening, mosquitoes are going to join you and uninvited at that. What's worse, they don't even bring a dish of food to share.

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According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), pest control operators are seeing an increase in bed bug activity during summer months. That means those welts on your ankles might not be mosquito bites. You might have bed bugs.

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We have written about ants before, but we see such an increase in calls this time of year due to these little creatures that we think they deserve yet another blog devoted just to these obnoxious pests!  

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Fleas and ticks are a major problem in the summer months, especially for those who own pets. Dogs and cats are like a magnet to these biting pests which makes it important to prevent fleas and ticks as best you can, before they strike!

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