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You are in good company if you have been wondering how to get rid of bed bugs. These pesky bugs date back to ancient Egyptian days more than 3,300 years ago and were brought to the United States by early settlers and thrived for many years. With increased public awareness and the introduction of vacuums and washing machines, these household pests were all but eradicated in the early 1950’s. All was well for some time, however, the 1990’s began showing a resurgence of bed bugs with increased international travel and a lack of public awareness of prevention techniques. Bed bugs are now commonly found in all 50 states and almost every country of the world. Once infestation has occurred, bed bug treatment by professionally trained technicians is a must as these elusive creatures are very hard to eradicate. Kansas City pest control companies as well as all other pest management professionals in the United States have treated bed bugs in the past year.

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Taking care of your lawn and property maintenance is not an easy task. Keeping your plants, shrubbery and grass healthy is a continuous task for most homeowners. Finding golf ball sized holes in your lawn or destroyed shrubbery is not a welcomed find. These holes and damages to your vegetation may be from a mole or vole. So, how do you get rid of voles or moles? Furthermore, how can you tell if it is a mole or a vole that is bothering you yard?

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Although it may not look or feel like spring in many places this long awaited season is quickly approaching. Eventually, the weather will warm up, and as it does, a whole host of insects will come to life. As many pests wake up after a winter slumber, or begin growing their family once again, food, water and shelter become most important. And guess where the first place they will look is? 

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The Topeka pest control pros at Schendel would like to address the issue of ants in your house. With spring finally here, homes throughout Topeka, Kansas City and other areas in our region are sure to be dealing with ants again sometime soon. Why are there coming into your home? Ants are hungry! With the warmer days we are starting to experience, ants are going to start finding their way indoors, searching for food. They will look in your cupboards, around your appliances and even in your trash can; ants aren’t that picky. If there’s food around, ants will be there!

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