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Winter Heralds The Arrival Of Pest Problems


winter pests in kansas

Okay. Can you do something for me? Look out your window, and tell me what you see. Is there snow where you are? Are there any leaves on the trees? Does the landscape look quiet and devoid of life? In winter, many living creatures hibernate, but a surprising number of them just hide from the cold. That can be a problem for you all winter long. Here is what you may not know about winter, in bite…

Got Bed Bug Plans This Holiday Season?


bed bug found on a topeka resident

Do you own a hotel, motel or residential apartment building? If you do, you have no doubt been hearing more and more about bed bugs. Ten years ago this bug wasn't even on the radar of most managers, but in recent years it has taken the forefront.

Bed Bug Facts: True Or False?


Let's play a game. I'll state a fact about bed bugs, and you decide if it is true or false. You can find the answers at the end of the blog and earn ten points for each right answer. Let's see if you can get a 100. No peeking!

What Do Roaches Want For The Holidays?


cockroach in a pantry

Let's dispel two ideas right off the bat. Roaches don't gather together with family for the holidays, and a roach motel is not a place roaches stay while visiting that family.

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