How to Get Rid of Rodents in Lawrence

Mouse running along sink ledge with cups in background

Rats, mice, pocket gophers, and voles are classified as rodents because of the single pair of continuously growing incisors they have in both the upper and lower jaw. 

Rodents are agile and can chew their way through a variety of materials to get indoors. Mice can get through a gap as small as a dime, and rats can find their way in through holes the size of a quarter. 

What kind of rodents live in Lawrence?

Some rodents cause more problems than others, but each of the commonly found rodents in Lawrence can wreak havoc in unique ways. 

Rats and mice carry parasites and disease, which they can pass onto humans. They leave behind waste, saliva, and fur and chew through pipes, wires, drywall, insulation, and food containers. Mice and rats are also intelligent and adaptable and can find their way around common traps.

Pocket gophers and voles aren’t as dangerous to humans as rats and mice, but can cause considerable damage to landscapes, gardens, and other outdoor areas. These rodents burrow, create tunnels, and feed on vegetation. 

As the weather gets colder, mice and rats will look for cozy dens to keep them warm. Pocket gophers are most active in the spring and fall. Voles and moles are active and breed year-round.

How can I prevent rodents from getting into my home?

Lawrence residents can prevent infestations and get rid of current rodent issues through a variety of means. 

Tip #1: Keep food sources away from rodents. Properly store fruits and vegetables and put grains and cereal in airtight containers. Clean up crumbs and leftover food. Make sure the sink is empty of dirty dishes before going to bed.

Why this works: Keeping food areas clean and secured is less appealing for scurrying critters. Mice can easily chew through cardboard and any food that is left out is fair game. 

Tip #2: Store outside garbage in receptacles with tight-fitting lids. Place the container away from the outside of your home or building. 

Why this works: Rodents, especially rats, are drawn to trash and old food, so keeping garbage secure makes it harder for them to acquire.

Tip #3: Seal openings. Prevent entry and reentry by sealing cracks and crevices, caulking gaps, keeping garage and shed doors shut, and repairing leaky fixtures. 

Why this works: Rodents can fit through small spaces and follow air currents, so it’s crucial to inspect your home and property for any openings.

Tip #4: Keep landscapes tidy. Trim trees and bushes and place debris piles away from the exterior of your home or building. 

Why this works: Rodents can use branches to access your home, so keeping them trimmed and not touching your home or building makes it more difficult for them to reach their destination. It’s also important to keep wood and compost piles at a distance, as rodents can burrow in and use debris material for nesting. 

Tip #5: Call for rodent control in Lawrence. Rodents reproduce rapidly, and it’s hard to keep underground rodents like voles and gophers at bay. A small infestation can quickly become a huge problem.

Why this works: Without professional wildlife removal services, it is nearly impossible to prevent tunneling rodents from choosing and causing damage to your property.

How can Schendel Pest Services get rid of rodents on my property?

The best way to deal with rodents in your home or business is by following the preventative measures listed above, but these tips aren’t guaranteed, and they are often temporary. The guaranteed way to prevent and eliminate rodents is to call the professionals at Schendel Pest Services.

Our Premium Care programs ensure you get the best rodent control in Lawrence, so you don’t have to waste precious time and money trying to rid your home of rodents. Call today to learn more about our rodent and pest control services and to set up an inspection.

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