3 Spring Pests To Watch Out For In Kansas

3 Spring Pests To Watch Out For In Kansas


The spring season has begun, which means many pests will be waking up from their winter hibernation. This increase in pest activity can leave many homeowners in Kansas City, Topeka and throughout the Sunflower State wondering what types of insects they should watch out for. Of course it is a good idea to maintain your routine pest control services, but there are also some ways you can prevent springtime pests. From the Kansas pest control experts at Schendel Pest Services, here are three common spring pests in Kansas.  


Ants, often considered the #1 nuisance pest throughout the country, are a very common house-infesting pest in Kansas as well. Most ant species found foraging for food in kitchens are just considered a nuisance pest, however carpenter ants are capable of causing structural damage.

In order to keep ants out of your kitchen and home, make sure that you have eliminated their food sources. This includes a implementing preventative measures, such as proper storage of food, cleaning up spills and other common sense sanitation practices.  

Clover Mites

These little critters appear to be just a tiny red speck to the naked eye, but they are considered a nuisance.  Clover mites feed on grass and plants and are more active in the spring as such things become more abundant. The problem with clover mites infesting homes is that they are so small that they can easily fit through any small crack or opening. Their size makes them hard to control, although they do not bite or cause any harm to humans or homes.

It is important to make sure that your windows and doors have tight fitting screens before they are opened up for the fresh spring breeze. Even the tiniest crack could be large enough for a clover mite.


The subterranean termite is the type of termite commonly found in Kansas and are often found in below soil level in colonies that can contain several thousand wood destroying insects. Termites are one of the most destructive pests and can rack up a very high repair bill if they go undetected for a long period of time. The structures of your home including floors, walls, and furniture can all be destroyed from a termite infestation.

You can help prevent termite infestations by removing moist, decaying wood from your property and making sure that there is not water flowing onto your property as this will create moist soil, ideal for a termite colony to form  Since termites are capable of so much damage, it is important to contact your local KS pest control company immediately when termites are identified.

Hopefully you will not have to worry about any of these spring pests, but in case they do decide to come calling, Schendel Pest Services is ready to help! Our Premium Care Program will keep your home free from all your pest worries this spring as well as all year long. For more information on Schendel’s  home pest control services in Kansas City and throughout our service area, please contact us today.