5 Spider Control Tips For Fall

5 Spider Control Tips For Fall


Most of us spend some time before the cold weather begins in the fall making our homes warm and inviting for the season ahead. Cozy rooms with a crackling fire and hot cocoa sounds pretty inviting as the fall leaves fall around us. Unfortunately, people are not the only creatures who enjoy getting in out of the cold. Your warm inviting home can quickly become a hotel for some boarders who you didn’t want. Spiders of all sizes and shapes also will try to take cover during the colder months. If they can’t find an appropriate spot outside, your house will do just fine.

For the most part, these unintended guests are harmless to you, but they have been known to scare the dickens out of an unsuspecting host. It is unlikely that too many people wish to share their homes with one. Spiders given enough time will eventually lay eggs and one quickly becomes many. Occasionally, a not so harmless eight legged creature might find its way inside. If that happens you might find yourself with a more serious problem than you thought. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are both poisonous and though its rare, can find their way into the dark quiet corners of homes, sheds and garages looking for shelter. These spiders can become aggressive if they feel threatened and they will bite to defend themselves.

There are ways to help prevent these creepy pests from getting in. Make sure that you check that attic vents and openings in chimneys are screened in and nothing is broken. Any pest, especially insects, need very little space to use as an opening. Make sure that any cracks are sealed around doors windows and in foundation. Use caulking, and weather stripping to make sure that the openings are not big enough to allow entrance. Make sure firewood, a typical spot for spiders to hide, is at least 20 feet from the house. Keep bushes and grass around your house trimmed and away from doorways. You should always make sure pipes and drains are in good working order. Wet areas attract spiders. When you bring in wood, or boxes that are stored outside be sure to check them thoroughly.

If you practice these prevention tips you will greatly reduce your risk of an infestation. If you do find that you are seeing more than your fair share of these household pests, or you find that you are looking at a dangerous variety call a local professional.

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