A Day In The Life Of A Bed Bug Dog

A Day In The Life Of A Bed Bug Dog


While some dogs spend the day lounging at home, there’s a new team of dogs who have a very important but very unusual job. Yes, dogs with jobs are a new phenomenon in the pest control industry. To be more specific, we are talking about trained bed bug sniffing dogs. Bed bug dogs are proving to be a quicker and more efficient way to inspect homes and businesses for bed bug infestations. In fact, bed bug dogs are 98% accurate in detecting bed bugs in all their life stages (including their eggs) while human inspections are only about 40-60% accurate.

So, how does all this work? Just as dogs have been trained and used to sniff out bombs, drugs, and other things, they are now sniffing for bed bugs. Bed bug dogs go through a rigorous training that meets the standards of the Best Management Practices for Bed
. The star bed bug dog at Schendel Pest Services, Patches, like many bed bug sniffing dogs around the country, was rescued by a trainer who teaches dogs to search out bed bugs through their keen sense of smell.  

The average day for a bed bug sniffing dog at Schendel includes visits to hotels, apartment buildings or homes in Topeka and surrounding Kansas locations. It only takes these canines about 2 -3 minutes to inspect a room while it takes humans at least 15 or 20 minutes. Also, pest control professionals have to move furniture and objects around so they can see in all the dark, hidden places, whereas bed bug sniffing dogs do not require any moving of furniture; they can simply use their nose.

Not only are canine inspections more discreet for home and business owners, but they will be more accurate in detecting any bed bug problems before they get out of hand. Think of the benefits of knowing that your home or business is completely free of bed bugs. The dogs are also used after bed bug treatments to be sure that the problem is gone and that the bed bugs didn’t travel to other locations.

So if you are living in Topeka, Kansas City, or surrounding Kansas communities and you are interested in learning more about the canine inspection services from Schendel, then contact us today. Whether you are  in need of bed bug services for your home or business then we (and the dogs!) have you covered!