Had enough of Ticks in Kansas?

Had Enough Of Ticks In Kansas?


It is that time again; time to talk about ticks and while you may not think tick talk is exciting or important, at Schendel we think otherwise. We believe that knowing about and understanding ticks is vital to the health and safety of your family. Not only are ticks a huge nuisance, seriously who wants to find a tick attached to their body, but they carry and transmit a wide variety of pathogens that can negatively impact the life of their host. We would like to provide you with some tick information and prevention tips to help protect yourself, your family, pets, and property from these parasitic pests.

Before we talk about how to prevent ticks we want to provide you with a little background information about ticks. There are three common species of ticks found throughout Kansas: the blacklegged tick (deer tick), the American dog tick, and the lone star tick. All three species, while different in appearance, are all types of hard ticks, which means that they have a hard dorsal shield and their head extends out past the front of their body.

Depending on the species there are different diseases that they can carry and spread. Black legged ticks are carriers of the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. Other diseases that these 3 types of ticks can spread (species dependent) include tularemia, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tick paralysis and ehrlichiosis.

Ticks are difficult to control for many reasons, but the three most prevalent are:

  • They reproduce quickly

  • They have a long life-cycles

  • They live and feed off of many different wildlife hosts

But, even though they are difficult to prevent, it is certainly not impossible. Listed below are some prevention tips from the experts at here at Schendel:

Treat your pets

Any pets living in your home should be treated with a tick preventative. Contact your pets’ veterinarian to determine which treatment will work best for them.

Protect yourself

When spending time outdoors especially, on wooded trails, make sure to stay in the center of the trail and try not to walk through brush, bushes and high grasses. Wear protective clothing- long sleeves, long pants that are tucked into your socks, and boots. Also, use an insect repellent that contains either permethrin or DEET.

Inspect yourself and pets

After spending any time outdoors check yourself, your family and your pets for ticks before coming inside.

Maintain your lawn

Keep your grass cut short and cut back any wooded areas from your lawn. Ticks like to hide in wait in tall grasses and overgrown vegetation.

Keep wildlife on your property to a minimum

Make changes around your property to help deter wild animals such as:

  • Keep outdoor trashcans secure with locking lids

  • Place fences around gardens

  • Do not to feed wildlife (birdfeeders)

In addition to taking tick prevention into your own hands, getting help from the pro’s here at Schendel through our year-round pest control services is the best way to protect yourself and your property against ticks. Through our Premium Care program we will provide you with thorough interior and exterior services and then with quarterly follow-up visits we will give your home and property year-round protection against ticks and other common household pests.

If you have finally had enough with ticks in Kansas, contact us today!