How Do House Centipedes Get Inside Arizona Homes?


How Do House Centipedes Get Inside Arizona Homes?


If you discover a ladybug in your house, it probably doesn’t freak you out. After all, with their shiny red backs and black spots, they’re a cheerful looking bug. However, if you discover a centipede in your house, it probably gives you a start. With their long bodies and dozens of legs, centipedes are definitely one of the creepier looking bugs that can invade your home. So, how do house centipedes get inside Arizona homes and is there any way to keep them out?

Why Do Centipedes Get Into Arizona Homes?

It helps to know why centipedes get into your house in the first place. If they’re going to get into your house, they have to be on your property first, and centipedes are more likely to be in your yard if it’s a cluttered place. They’re sensitive to light, so they seek out dark, damp areas to spend their time. Often the soil right along the edge of your foundation is shaded and moist, so centipedes will find their way to it.

Once they’re that close to your house, it’s only a matter of time before they get inside. They might come in on a particularly hot or dry day. They may also come inside if you have other bugs in your house since bugs are what they eat. Finally, they’re more likely to come into your house if you have a dark, humid area in which to hide.

How Do Centipedes Get Inside Arizona Homes?

How do they get inside? Centipedes can fit through small holes, so it’s fairly easy for them to find access to the inside of your house. Any cracks in your foundation, holes in your siding, or gaps around your windows or doors will allow entry. If you leave windows open and don’t have screens, or your screens have holes or tears, centipedes can get in that way as well.

Once inside, centipedes will look for dark, moist areas to hide. They can often be found in basements, under sinks (especially if there’s a leak), or in rooms with high humidity.

By reducing moisture in and around your house and sealing all openings into your house, you’ll reduce the chances of centipedes getting into your Arizona home. However, if you find that they’ve gotten in, give Schendel Pest Services a call. We can eliminate your centipede problem in a safe and efficient way and help you figure out how to prevent future infestations too.

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