Protect Your Pets And Home From Fleas

Protect Your Pets And Home From Fleas


One of the pests we commonly encounter in the summer is fleas.  Homeowners notice the family pet scratching excessively, or the homeowner may even be experiencing flea bites themselves.  Unfortunately, once fleas have infested the home, it takes more than bathing and treating the pet to get rid of them.

Fleas are parasites that feed on the blood of warm-blooded bodies and have an extraordinary ability to jump, allowing them to move easily once inside a property.  Although closely associated with pets, flea saliva can cause anemia, dermatitis and transfer tapeworms. These pests can also cause significant problems for homeowners, as well.  Fleas often infest blankets, furniture and even clothing, while also reproducing quickly, especially when warm-blooded hosts are present.  Even more, the presence of fleas – if not brought in from the outdoors – can be indicative of a secondary pest problem as these pests frequently transport themselves on rodents.   

If you are currently a Premium Care or Premium Care Plus customer with Schendel, fleas are a covered pest.  We recommend having a veterinarian treat your pet for the fleas around the same time we treat the home.  Contact us today if you are concerned you may have a problem with fleas.

Here are some tips for keeping your home flea-free from the National Pest Management Association:

  • Check pets frequently for fleas and flea dirt, especially after being outdoors. Be aware of any excessive scratching, licking or grooming behavior.

  • Avoid walking pets in tall grass where fleas often gather.

  • Treat your pet’s environment: Wash pet bedding, plush toys, and vacuum frequently.

  • Check your pet (and yourself) thoroughly after you have been in known/potential flea-infested areas.

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