Top 10 Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide

Top 10 Places Bed Bugs Like to Hide



I bet if you stopped to think about it, one of your favorite childhood memories would be those warm, peaceful evenings that you spent with all of the kids in your neighborhood playing a game of hide n’ seek. The moment the counting began, you would run off with your favorite friend and find the most perfect hiding spot. Sometimes half an hour would pass as you whispered back and forth and giggled until the counter came near, then you would hold your breath in the hopes he would pass you by. Inevitably there would be one or two kids that the counter just couldn’t find. After long minutes of searching, he would simply give up and holler “all-e-all-e-in-come-free”; and the game would come to an end. Typically by that time, the street lights would begin to flicker signaling the end of another fun day on Main Street USA.Oh, if only life could still be that simple. Nowadays, we play hide n’ seek, but it’s far from fun – and we can’t just holler “all-e-all-e-in-come-free” to make the ‘game’ come to an end, either. Our battle with bed bugs brings a whole new dimension to hide n’ seek. These elusive little creatures are the best hiders you have ever met. They put that one big kid on the block that NEVER had to be ‘it’ to shame, but we’re on to those sneaky little pests which is why we’ve decided to share the top 10 list of places bed bugs love to hide in order from most obvious to least.# 10. Beds. Obviously bed bugs love to hide in beds, but this is not #1. They can be found along seams of mattresses, in headboards, and in box springs of beds in your home or hotel or dormitory –wherever they can find a food source.# 9.  Sofas. Bed bugs eat human blood so it only stands to reason that a couch potato would offer them hours of free snacking time.

# 8.  Wall voids. Anytime those bed bugs feel threatened, they simply scurry behind your walls to hide and wait for the all-clear. They can actually go up to a year without eating, so they can surely wait out any danger that may present itself.

# 7.  Picture frames. Bed bugs will sneak into the joints, cracks, and crevices along picture frames hanging on the wall to avoid detection. They are very skittish and will tuck away at the first sign of an intruder.

# 6.  Your car. Or a taxi or a bus – they aren’t picky on their means of transportation. They will hide out in the carpet, upholstery, even inside the radio if need be.

# 5.  Your pocketbook. Or computer bag, or luggage – these are perfect hiding places that allow free access to inexpensive travel for bed bugs.

# 4.  Playpens. Babies are not exempt from the menu when it comes to bed bugs. They will infest and hide in pack n’ plays, bassinets, cribs, and toys – anywhere they can find to take refuge is fine with these pests.

# 3.  Computers. They may not be as roomy as your bed, but they will work nicely as a bed bug hiding place.

# 2.  Electrical Outlets. That’s right! Bed bugs will scurry behind those electrical sockets and stay hidden and safe. If you notice black streaks running from your outlets, it’s a sure sign bed bugs are there.

# 1.  Video Game Console. And it doesn’t have to be an XBox One. While you are sitting down planning your next move on Assassin’s Creed or Call of Duty, there may be a spy lurking in your system.

No matter where bed bugs decide to hide, when you discover that they have moved into your Midwest home give Schendel Pest Solutions a call. We have been successfully evicting bed bugs from the sneakiest hiding places since 1947. We have K-9 bed bug sniffing dogs whose noses can accurately detect bed bugs in all stages of development – including eggs. We also offer heat treatments and traditional product methods of eradication.

Calling “all-e-all-e-in-come-free” will never end your game of hide n’ seek with bed bugs, but one call to Schendel will bring them to a screeching halt.


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