We're # 46!

We’re # 46!


PCT Magazine, a leading publication of the pest management industry, ranks the largest pest control companies in North America based on annual revenue. We are very excited to announce that Schendel hit number 46 on this year’s Top 100 list.  This is a jump of six spots, and means we cracked the top 50 for the first time!  There is not another Top 50 pest control company headquartered anywhere within a 500 mile radius of our Topeka, KS corporate office. 

Schendel will never be the largest pest control company.  In fact, our vision is to be the most respected, not the largest.  But our continued movement up this list is important for several reasons.  We are a stable, thriving company, meaning our customers don’t need to be concerned if we are going to be around in six months.  Our growth means we have the resources to research the best products and implement the most effective treatment methods.  Finally, Schendel is able to offer our co-workers better benefits and more advancement opportunities.

A big thanks to our customers, for trusting us to protect your homes and businesses!  Your continued support of Schendel is greatly appreciated.