What You Need To Know About American Cockroaches

What You Need To Know About American Cockroaches



There are thousands of species of cockroaches that live all over the world. Throughout the Midwest, there are two common species of cockroach that people come into contact with most often: the American cockroach and the German cockroach. The American cockroach is best known for being the largest house invading cockroach, while the German roach is known as the most common species. Another difference between the two species is that German cockroaches are more often found living inside homes and other buildings, while the American cockroach is more often found living outside on trees, under mulch, in garden areas, or heavily landscaped areas. Here is some information about the large American roach, including how to quickly eliminate them from your home if they find their way inside this summer.While American cockroaches prefer to live outside, they do often find their way inside homes when the warmer summer temperatures cause them to become more active; they may also move inside homes to escape the summer heat. Inside homes, this species prefers to take up residence in damp, dark places like basements, crawl spaces, and underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks. American roaches are typically identified by their large size; adults can grow more than 2 inches in length! They also have a unique yellowish-colored figure-8 like marking on the back of their head, which makes them easy to differentiate from other species.American cockroaches may not be found living in homes as commonly as other species, but keeping them out of your home this upcoming summer season is still very important in order to keep your family safe from their health threats. Before entering a home, American roaches travel through and live in some very dirty, unhygienic places including sewers, garbage piles, and drains; during their travels, they will pick-up many different bacteria, parasites, and human pathogens on their bodies and legs. Now, image all the bacteria and diseases that they will spread once they enter into your home and begin to travel across your dishes and utensils, crawl across your bathrooms and kitchen counters, and don’t forget about those apples you have stored on your kitchen table. Talk about a nightmare! American cockroaches will also leave behind trails of excrement and shed skins, both of which can trigger allergic reactions in people and are known for causing asthmas attacks in young children and the elderly. Finally, the presence of roaches is known to create a musty, unpleasant odor inside of your home.American cockroaches, and roaches, in general, are very resilient and are notoriously difficult to eradicate; but they are no match for the cockroach control experts that at Schendel Pest Services. Our experts will provide a thorough inspection of your home and property and provide the services needed to completely eliminate all of the roaches from your home. They will also provide the follow-up services needed to prevent a re-infestation. Call us today to learn more about protecting your home, property, and family from American cockroaches this summer by partnering with Schendel Pest Services!


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