Why Bed Bugs Are Becoming A Problem In Schools

Why Bed Bugs Are Becoming A Problem In Schools


So long as bed bugs have a decent environment with plenty of hosts to feed on, they’re really able to thrive anywhere. Schools all around the nation are noticing the sudden epidemic. Bed buds hitch a ride on the inside of coats, hats, gloves, even socks, and boots! Consider the fact that small children share their clothing with classmates fairly liberally, and it’s no wonder that bed bug infestations are on the rise!

What Can We Do?

  • First and foremost, keep an eye out for signs of infestation. In your clothing and bedding at home, make sure you can’t see any molten skins and fecal spots. They’ll look like reddish-brown smudge marks.

  • Make sure your children don’t have bed bug bite marks. If they’ve got bite marks, there is a good chance their winter clothes are infested, which means the school may already be compromised.

  • Notify the school system if you’ve discovered some signs of infestation. Sometimes, the custodial staff doesn’t even know there is a problem until it’s too late. It is a good idea to give them a heads up.

  • Both schools and residents are encouraged to call professionals from Schendel Pest Services. We strive to be as proactive as possible to prevent further bed bug problems, and bringing in our technicians as soon as possible will decrease the odds that an infestation will spread throughout the entire facility, and to students’ homes.

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. Schendel’s pest control professionals suggest thoroughly washing and cleaning all of your clothes and linens on high-temperature wash and dry cycles. Thoroughly vacuum every floor in the facility and instruct families to do the same in their homes. Throw all of the loose clothing laying around in the dryer on high temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes. Then pick up the phone and call us to guarantee bed bugs are completely removed from your home or school.

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