mole peeking out its tunnel outside arizona home

Are Moles Threatening Your Hard Work?

At Schendel Pest Services, we realize home and business owners work hard to maintain their properties. We also understand how moles, voles and gophers can threaten trees and landscaping as well as destroy a healthy lawn.

Possible Signs Of Mole Activity On Your Property

  • Golf ball sized holes in your lawn
  • Disrupted bulbs, hostas and tree roots
  • Tunnels across your yard, under shrubs and around bushes
  • Infested neighboring properties
  • Horseshoe shaped mounds
  • Dead plants around your home

If mole activity is making a mess of your lawn, contact Schendel Pest Services right away! Our highly effective mole solutions program provides homeowners with relief from existing infestations as well as preventative solutions for future problems.

Pests Covered By Our Program

mole looking out of it's tunnel outside topeka home


Unfortunately, having a healthy well-cared-for lawn often attracts moles to your property. Learn more about moles, and what else attracts them to your property.

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gopher looking out of its tunnel for food in topeka


Pocket gophers are most active in the spring and fall and are attracted to properties that offer them ample food sources and a place to create their tunnels and burrows.

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vole on a topeka lawn eating


Voles are active and breed year-round, this means that a small vole problem can quickly become a very large vole problem.

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Mole Control From Schendel Pest Services

How do I get rid of moles, gophers & voles?

Moles, gophers and voles are difficult to eliminate. Do- It- Yourself measures are typically not effective. The Schendel mole, gopher and vole program is designed to eliminate pests in a designated area for up to one year.

Schendel’s mole, gopher and vole program starts with a thorough inspection and evaluation of your property. Then we will build a customized plan to eliminate your existing infestation. Schendel’s mole, gopher and vole program is guaranteed for 365 days from the date of the first service. We also offer our Pestzero Guarantee*. If there is any activity during the 365 days on the protected property, all you need to do is make a call. Schendel will return promptly to eliminate the problem with no additional charge. 

(*PestZero Guarantee is not available for one-time services)

Let Schendel Pest Services Keep Your Property Pest Free

No matter where you're located in our service area, our mole solutions program is an effective way to eliminate the threat. If you suspect moles, gophers or voles have invaded your yard, contact us today to schedule a free inspection.


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