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In Wichita, KS, pest control is crucial for the protection and safety of homes and businesses. Protect your property year-round with the pest management professionals at Schendel Pest Services. With our guaranteed service, we’ll control and prevent pests using the latest methods, equipment, products, and technology.

Residential Pest Control Services in Wichita, KS

Every year, homes across the U.S. incur billions of dollars in damage due to pests. Wichita homeowners can rest easy with Schendel Pest Services. 

Our highly trained and experienced technicians begin by thoroughly inspecting the interior and exterior of your home Following inspection, your technician will take the best course of action to ensure pest problems are under control and prevented from returning. Our PestZero Guarantee assures homeowners that treatments will be applied at no charge when necessary between regularly scheduled visits.

Commercial Pest Control Services in Wichita, KS 

Keeping a productive, profitable business running smoothly while maintaining a positive reputation is vital to commercial business owners. Pest infestations can be a distraction or inhibitor in reaching those goals. When a partnership is created between your company and Schendel Pest Services, you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver a customized program for your specific industry and pest pressures.

Our technicians can help by providing customized services to rid your company of current infestations, and take measures to prevent future infestations, using the latest products and treatment methods available for commercial pest management.

Wichita Pest Control Services

Ant Control in Wichita 

Ants commonly invade homes seeking food and water sources. Unfortunately, once one ant enters, the whole colony may follow, quickly turning into an infestation. Rid your property of ants and protect your home from future infestations, with our ant control service.

Spider Control in Wichita, KS

While most spiders are just nuisance pests, a few species can bite if they feel threatened. Depending on the type, spider bites can be poisonous or trigger an allergic reaction.

Wichita, KS Bed Bug Control

A bed bug infestation in a home or business can be stressful and overwhelming. Schendel’s offers a variety of bed bug control options such as heat treatments. Our trained staff can help you decide the best treatment for your situation.

Wichita Bird Exclusion

Whether birds are looking for a place to build a nest or looking for shelter, the presence of birds can lead to damage to vents, drains, and roofing materials. They are also carriers of parasites and diseases. Our bird control services at Schendel include the use of long-lasting products such as Bird Barrier to remove existing birds and prevent them from returning to your property in the future.

Tick & Mosquito Control in Wichita

At Schendel, we have the answer to your tick & mosquito problems. When you schedule an appointment, one of our certified technicians will inspect the property and treat the infested area to reduce the number of mosquitos and ticks in your yard. 

Wichita, KS Termite Control

Termites are known for their extensive damage to homes, so it’s best to act quickly if an infestation is suspected. If you see signs of termites, contact our staff for an inspection. Our Schendel Termite Elimination & Protection (S.T.E.P.) program is an advanced treatment process that uses a monitoring and bait system that is pet-friendly and eco-friendly. 

Wichita Rodent Control

Mice and rats not only bring a feeling of unease when they get into your home, they can also cause costly damage and threaten the health of your family. They are known to chew on wires and contaminate food supplies with disease causing bacteria. For those looking to remove and prevent rodents, we offer a rodent control service.  

Mole & Wildlife Control in Wichita, KS

We offer services to safely and efficiently remove moles, gophers, and other species of wildlife that might be nesting on your property. Moles, gophers and voles can burrow into your yard and cause damage to your lawn and other plants. Wildlife like raccoons, skunks and squirrels can bring with them fleas and ticks, and can cause damage to your property and structure of your home. 

Wichita, KS Attic Insulation

Another service offered by Schendel Pest Services is attic insulation installation. If your home or business is experiencing rising utility bills, it may be time to have the insulation checked. Our technicians will inspect the area and either replace old insulation or install new insulation for the first time.

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