Summer Bed Bug Tips

Summer Bed Bug Tips 7/19/2017 Summer is the time for vacations across state lines, overseas, and even down the street. Whether you are taking a staycation, you are going on a cruise, or you have big plans overseas, you are not alone on vacation. Bed bugs will join you and want to go home with… Read more »


Bed Bugs Going Back To School

Bed Bugs Going Back To School 9/14/2016 It is that time of year again when all the kids are back in school; routine is restored, friends will be made, and memories will be had. The memory you don’t want to have from this school year is bed bugs, yep, bed bugs. When the kids go… Read more »


Bed Bug Bite Identification

Bed Bug Bite Identification 6/16/2016   Okay. You have bites. But are they bed bug bites? It can be hard to tell. After all, there are lots of bugs that bite. Fortunately, bed bugs leave behind very distinctive clues.Bed Bug Bites or Something Else? These pests most often leave a very noticeable rash when they… Read more »


Got Bed Bug Plans This Holiday Season?

Got Bed Bug Plans This Holiday Season? 12/2/2014 Do you own a hotel, motel or residential apartment building? If you do, you have no doubt been hearing more and more about bed bugs. Ten years ago this bug wasn’t even on the radar of most managers, but in recent years it has taken the forefront.… Read more »


Have Bed Bugs Been Getting Worse?

Have Bed Bugs Been Getting Worse? 4/21/2014 You are in good company if you have been wondering how to get rid of bed bugs. These pesky bugs date back to ancient Egyptian days more than 3,300 years ago and were brought to the United States by early settlers and thrived for many years. With increased… Read more »