Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug In Arizona

Life Cycle Of A Bed Bug In Arizona 3/30/2018 The story of bed bugs can’t be told with one life cycle. If we are to truly understand the threat these blood-eating insects pose, we must follow bed bugs through several life cycles. Bed bugs spread through passive dispersal. That is to say, they don’t crawl… Read more »


Avoiding Bed Bugs This Spring

Avoiding Bed Bugs This Spring 5/26/2017 It doesn’t seem like that long ago that most people didn’t even think that bed bugs were a real thing. For the longest time, it was really just a part of an old phrase that some folks from another generation would say, but who had actually ever seen one?… Read more »


Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere 2/29/2016 When someone asks where bed bugs can expect to be found, the short and most correct answer is everywhere! Truthfully, anywhere there are people, there is the chance of bed bugs being present. These pesky bugs can be found in almost every region of the world. They are certainly active… Read more »