5 Reasons You Have Mice

5 Reasons You Have Mice 9/13/2017 You may be terrified at seeing a mouse scurry across the floor or you may think they are the cutest little creatures. No matter how you feel about them, it doesn’t change the fact that they can be dangerous to your health and cause some serious damage to your… Read more »


Get Rid Of Mice

Get Rid Of Mice 7/20/2016 Are you hearing the thump of mice in your walls? Worse than that, are you seeing them running around inside your home? If you know anything about mice, you know that hearing and seeing them in your home is bad news; and the longer you wait to do anything about… Read more »


How Do You Build A Better Mousetrap?

How Do You Build A Better Mousetrap? 12/8/2015 Surely you’ve heard of or seen the game Mouse Trap. Perhaps you’ve even played it. It’s a fun little game, and it certainly is amusing to watch once the trap has been built. But what can we learn from this game? One thing that seems obvious is… Read more »


Those Mice Are Driving Me Crazy!

Those Mice Are Driving Me Crazy! 2/20/2015 If you’re frustrated with mice, you might want to stop and give thanks. Why? Because most people don’t even realize they’ve been infested. Mice are a timid and clever creature. When they move through your home they do it with one side rubbing against a wall, ready at… Read more »


Rodent Control: The Signs Of Mice

Rodent Control: The Signs Of Mice 1/9/2014 It’s that time of year when the rodents outside are desperately looking for a warm and cozy place to spend the winter! If you’ve had rodents in your home before, you know how obnoxious these pests can be. Here are some helpful tips from the rodent control professionals… Read more »