The Songs Of Crickets

The Songs Of Crickets 11/18/2015 Chirp. Eyelids flick open. Chirp. Jaw tightens. Chirp. In the complete darkness of your room the oppressive shine from the numbers on your alarm clock inform you that it is 2:54 in the morning. You know better than to throw the covers off, flick the lights on, and head off… Read more »


Are House Crickets Harmful?

Are House Crickets Harmful? 10/7/2015   If you’re a human, crickets aren’t particularly harmful. But if you’re a curtain, a piece of upholstered furniture, wallpaper or a plant, you might want to take some precautions. Crickets love to chew on fabrics, paper and vegetation. This is one of the many reasons you probably shouldn’t have… Read more »


Are Camel Crickets Dangerous?

Are Camel Crickets Dangerous? 9/18/2015   They look like something out of a horror film, but camel crickets are far from dangerous to humans. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t make a grown man scream like a little girl. These harmless little creatures look like big nasty spiders at a glance, and it can… Read more »


Make Sure Crickets Are Not Chirping Inside

Make Sure Crickets Are Not Chirping Inside 9/25/2012 The sound of crickets. It may be soothing to fall asleep to at night as long as they are outside of the home and not chirping away inside. Crickets including the common house cricket are found throughout Kansas including Topeka and Kansas City. They become an issue… Read more »