Do Termites Take The Winter off?

Do Termites Take The Winter off? 12/21/2015 In some parts of the world termites are called “white ants” because they look a lot like ants; however, they are not related to ants in any way. They are actually of the same order as the cockroach–but they are quite similar to ants, bees, and wasps in… Read more »


Is Your House Becoming A Haunted House?

Is Your House Becoming A Haunted House? 10/22/2015 Imagine getting ready to jump in the shower. You turn on the water, let it get hot, then pull the curtain aside and step in, only to turn around and see a 6-inch-long snake-like thing with a multitude of legs winding its way quickly toward you. Can… Read more »


Are Pigeons Hurting Your Kansas Business?

Are Pigeons Hurting Your Kansas Business? 10/16/2015 Birds! Don’t you just love filling those bird feeders in your backyard each spring and watching for the new arrivals. They are so much fun to observe. Have you ever noticed that they seem to have a hierarchy? Blue Jays for example usually get the red carpet treatment… Read more »


Moles Vs Gophers: What's In Your Yard?

Moles Vs Gophers: What’s In Your Yard? 9/30/2015 You may be thinking that you’re about to get an epic article about which of these two animals would win in a fight, but let’s face it, those moles wouldn’t really have a chance. Your average gopher is bigger, stockier and–what was the other thing? Oh yeah,… Read more »


How Mosquitoes Bite

How Mosquitoes Bite 6/30/2015 Of all the pests that invade our space and become a nuisance, cause discomfort, spread disease and even bring the threat of death, the mosquito is undoubtedly the most well known. And yet, as well known as it is, there is so much that is not known. We know that the… Read more »