Put The Squeeze on Fleas

Put The Squeeze On Fleas 8/6/2015 Do you have unwanted fleas in your home? It’s time to give them the boot. Put the squeeze on those fleas and send them packing. Fleas can be a real pain to find in your home. They come in on your pets and then start to infest, and the… Read more »


Pest Free BBQ For You!

Pest Free BBQ For You! 7/3/2015 For most people nothing says summer like enjoying weekend BBQ’s with family and friends- grilling delicious food, sipping cold drinks, relaxing in the sun. It sounds perfect doesn’t it? This is until you realize that you aren’t alone. That’s right, summer pests have found your BBQ, and we aren’t… Read more »


Mosquitoes Or Bed Bugs: What Are These Bites?

Mosquitoes Or Bed Bugs: What Are These Bites? 8/14/2014 This isn’t news you probably want to hear, but mosquitoes are not the only warm weather pest that will leave red welts on your skin. According to a survey conducted by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), pest control operators are seeing an increase in bed… Read more »


Fleas, Ticks And Your Pets [Infographic]

Fleas, Ticks And Your Pets [Infographic] 7/24/2014 Fleas and ticks are a major problem in the summer months, especially for those who own pets. Dogs and cats are like a magnet to these biting pests which makes it important to prevent fleas and ticks as best you can, before they strike! For more information on… Read more »