Avoid Spiders This Fall

Avoid Spiders This Fall


You might be one of those people who are rarely surprised by anything, but you have to admit that seeing slight movement out of the corner of your eye and realizing that an eight-legged creature has invaded your space will startle you. There is just something about the spider that can give even the bravest among us the heebie-jeebies. People across the country are afraid of the arachnid. Here in Topeka, it is no different.

Most of them are harmless and downright useful when they are left undisturbed. Spiders control the population of other insects such as mosquitoes and flies. House spiders, grass spiders, and bold jumpers, to name a few, are no danger to humans at all. Most of us are happy to leave them alone when they stay outside.

Topeka is also the home to a couple of species of spider that could be dangerous. The black widow and the brown recluse are both known to have venom that could be potentially dangerous. These are both shy spiders and will not generally bite unless provoked, but these are definitely not spiders you want to accidently send an invitation to move in for the winter. If you find one in your home, you will want to call a professional to safely remove the threat.

Cooler weather can quickly cause a spider to look for a more hospitable spot to set up camp for the winter. Places like a barn, shed, wood pile, or your house will suit just fine. Any spider is capable of entering your home. They can be hiding in wood you might be carrying in, they can gain access through improper screening on the windows or cracks around your doors or pipes, and they might also be hiding among items such as boxes or bags that you bring in.

There are ways to help keep your home spider-free. Make sure you inspect any items that have been stored outside before you bring them inside. Spend some time taking a look around your home to make sure that bushes and grass are trimmed back away from your siding and windows and that your window screens are in good repair. Any space around your entrance doors should be sealed as well.

Let’s face it; no one wants to room with these guys, especially if they are harmful. Stepping on one might not be the end of the problem if that spider has left an egg sac behind. Chemicals bought at a hardware store aren’t the answer either. These chemicals may be dangerous to you or your pets if used inappropriately. If spiders get into your home, give Schendel Pest Services a call. An assessment from our team can tell you how we can best take care of your home and your family. Call today to schedule your inspection.