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What is a filth fly?

Filth flies are non-biting, nuisance pests that have a world-wide distribution and are known for contaminating food and spreading serious diseases to people. The most common filth fly species that people come into contact with is the house fly. House flies are dull gray in color and are about 1/8th-1/4 of an inch in length. They have black vertical lines on the top of their bodies; adults have one silver stripe and one gold stripe on their face. Other common species of filth flies include: blow flies, bottle flies, flesh flies, and soldier flies.

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Why do I have them?

Filth flies are attracted to properties that provide them with ample areas to breed and feed. Things that attract filth flies include manure piles, animal carcasses, garbage, compost piles, and areas of excess moisture. Filth flies typically enter homes through open doors and windows, spaces around doors and windows, and torn screens as they forage for additional food sources.

Are they dangerous?

Filth flies are not dangerous to the structure of your home, but they are very dangerous to the health and safety of you and your family. Before entering your home and landing on the muffins you just pulled from the oven, filth flies were landing and feeding on animal feces, carcasses, and garbage. Filth flies are known to carry over 65 dangerous diseases on their bodies and legs that, if introduced into your home, could make anyone living in it ill.

Can I do it myself?

Do-it-yourself filth fly control is not recommended. Filth flies are difficult to control; they breed quickly and hide in hard to reach areas of your home. Unless the source of the infestation is discovered and repaired, filth fly infestations will continue to occur. The best way to handle a filth fly infestation on your property or in your home is to contact the fly control experts at Schendel Pest Services as quickly as possible.

Schendel can control problems with filth flies through our year-round Premium Care services.

How soon can you get here?

We are dedicated to making sure that we get help to you as quickly as possible, and we understand how stressful pest problems can be for you and your family. In most instances, Schendel will respond the same or very next day.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, our treatment methods are safe for use around people, pets, and plants. We use the least amount of material possible to solve your pest problem whether that is using natural products, baits, mechanical means, or conventional products.

We follow very strict guidelines, and all of our conventional products are EPA registered. Our trained and experienced service technicians will also inform you of any specific safety measures that may need to be taken before treatment begins.

How much does it cost?

We have standard pricing for all of our pest services, based on average size homes under 3500 square feet and where the infestation does not require more than the standard number of services. We will always make you aware of any price changes before we start your service. Sign up for your FREE quote today and see how much you can save with Schendel.

How can I prevent this in the future?

Using proper sanitation practices in and around your home is the best defense against filth flies. If animals live on your property, clean up and dispose of their waste daily. Place compost piles a distance away from the exterior of your home. Regularly empty indoor trash cans and store trash in outdoor dumpsters that have tight fitting lids until garbage pick-up day. Store food in sealed containers with tight fitting lids or in the refrigerator; do not store food on kitchen tables or counters. Regularly vacuum and clean up crumbs and spills. It is also a good idea to make sure that all screens are intact and to caulk spaces found around exterior windows and doors. Both will help to prevent filth flies from making their way inside your home.


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