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Are You Ready for Tick Season?


tick on skin of a kansas resident

Spring couldn't come soon enough for most people. We welcome warmer weather wholeheartedly and revel in all of the sunshine. With the change in seasons, however, come some downfalls like the dreaded tick season and the worry of the illnesses that they can cause. Soon these nasty little pests will be out in full force and we will need to be ready. Not only are ticks a nuisance to humans and pets…

It's Getting Warmer, Those Mice Will Leave, Right?


mouse found looking for food in basement

So, maybe you have been dealing with mice all winter long, and let’s face it, it’s been a long winter. Or, maybe a few weeks or days ago you started to hear a small rodent scuffling about inside your walls or scurrying across your floors, or maybe you can just sense their presence inside your home. Well, in any case, don’t believe the rumor going around that states that mice will…

How Much Damage Can a Little Ant Cause?


carpenter ant in topeka home

When we think about the serious damage that wood-destroying insects can do, we oftentimes think of termites first. We give little thought to a little ant like the carpenter ant, even though they can cause almost the same amount of damage.

Is Organic Commercial Pest Control Effective?


leaves with water drops

Commercial pest control is important to the success of any business. Every business from restaurants to grocery stores should be protected from the risks associated with pests. Pests can cause damage to your facility and make both employees and customers sick. If you fail to protect your facility from pests, you may face health code violations, product contamination, disease and structural…

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