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Springtail Prevention Tips


springtail up close

Remember being a little kid and flipping over large rocks or logs just to see what was under it? Even back then, most of us knew that there was a whole other world living just beneath the surface if we just looked for it. All of those creepy crawly bugs would scatter as we disturbed their hiding places. Now that we are adults we probably don’t take any pleasure in finding any of these…

Things You Should Not Bring Home From School


student going back to school

While it may be nice to send our kids back to school, the things they can bring home are downright scary, teach them how to recognize bed bugs today.

Are The Earwig Myths True?


earwig near kansas home

Remember all of the things that we believed as kids that we have since learned, to our relief, were completely untrue. There is no boogie man. Watermelon seeds will not grow inside your stomach if swallowed. No one has ever ruined their eyesight standing too close to the TV. If you think about it much of our childhood was built around untrue myths and legends. As adults, we could only hope for a…

The Problem With Carpenter Bees


carpenter bee boring hole

Some pest problems are obvious. When moles invade your yard, their raised tunneling will leave no doubt that you have a mole problem. When fleas get into a house, all of the scabby, red bites on your legs and ankles make these pests hard to mistake for another pest problem. But carpenter bees have a surprising form of camouflage that helps them blend in and stay under your radar. What camouflage…

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