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Why Commercial Pest Control Is Needed For Schools


kansas classroom

One of the many ways in which pests are different from humans is that while humans have a conscience, pest don’t. They have no moral compass to tell them that they shouldn’t infest a place populated with young students that are trying to learn. They see no difference between a school and a home or a factory. All they know is that a school provides them with shelter, food, and water…

Common Reasons You Have Earwigs In Your Home


earwig in kansas

If you have ever seen an earwig you're not likely to forget how creepy they look. Earwigs may not be able to cause you harm, but they are a considerable nuisance.

Stink Bugs Will Be Returning Soon, Are You Ready?


stink but on screen

The stink bug, also known as the shield bug, was introduced to the United States in 1996 from Asia. An adult stink bug, growing to about 3/4 of an inch in length, is a brown in color with a shield like shape on their backs, hence their alias. Stink bugs do emit a foul-smelling odor when they feel threatened or are squished. They do this through glands located on their thorax, and having a stink…

Why Bed Bugs are Becoming a Problem in Schools


bed bug up close

It seems like everything involved in the world of rodents and pests are cyclical in nature. There was a point when it seemed that mankind's bed bug worries were a thing of the past, but they've been on the rise on the last decade or two, and it’s unsettling how common bed bugs are heading into 2018. And they’re not just infesting our hotels this time around. People have been…

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